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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)

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Nothing can stop the Smooze!

  • The witches completely bury Dream Castle in Smooze, and when the Ponies move to Paradise Estate it almost happens to them there as well.
  • Even though no pony gets trapped alive under the Smooze, the threat is definitely real; Lofty has to rescue a rabbit from being buried by it, and it almost buries Megan and her friends several times.
  • Ponies splashed with even a tiny bit of Smooze can't remove it, and it alters their personalities to bring out their most unhappy and cynical sides.
  • The Volcano of Gloom has a torture chamber inside it, with a rack, an iron maiden, a gibbet with a crumbled skeleton inside, weapons, and a guillotine. While Hydia laments that her daughters have never used the guillotine, she pulls the lever and Draggle is almost decapitated.
  • The killer trees that the heroes come across.
  • The Smooze itself is pretty terrifying. A fully conscious and self-aware talking ocean of thick purple ooze, with hundreds of constantly moving faces. It's capable of traveling on its own, creating extra limbs whenever it likes, swallowing things whole, and throwing globs of itself at things, and it actively tries to bury things, and has no problem with eating ponies.
    • How about the fact that if it gets on anyone, it'll turn them into a hopeless jerkass? Seeing the normally happy-go-lucky ponies and bushwoolies turn sour because of this thing... *brr*


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