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Rescue from Midnight Castle

  • Firefly's first attempt at the "double inside-out loop" trick.
    Firefly: I'm going for the double inside-out loop, Medley!
    Medley: But its dangerous, Firefly!
    Firefly: Danger is my life, Medley! (Firefly attempts to perform the stunt and collides, head on, with Applejack and a basket she was gathering apples in, reducing said apples to much)
    Applejack: (while lying in an apple-covered pile with Firefly and the basket) Applesauce, anyone?
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  • Firefly's attempts at convincing Megan to come with her to help the other ponies. While Megan's worries are voiced in a believable fashion, Firefly's assurances come off as rather lackluster and narmish.
  • Though the Everybody Laughs Ending was a little out of tone with the rest of the story, Ember sneezing herself into the river after a butterfly lands on her nose was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • The song "Who's a Silly Pony" from the UK story tape.
  • The pilot's "Dancing On Air" plays during Firefly's first meeting with Megan. While Firefly's singing about how Megan had to be the one to save the ponies from Tirac, Megan's really not buying it, at least until the end of the song. Her gentle but slightly mocking snarks just make it.
    Firefly: They'll be floating, lighter than a cloud...
    Megan: They'll be gloating, laughing right out loud...
    Firefly: The sight of you will send spirits flying...
    Megan: One or two may burst out crying...
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  • Megan and Applejack exchanging confused looks during "Call Upon the Sea Ponies".

Escape from Catrina

  • Rep's initial method of getting the Rainbow of Light from Baby Moondancer involves shape-shifting into a nurse pony. It's hilariously unconvincing, especially with his unnatural pony coloration and stilted dialogue.


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