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  • There's just something hilarious about a giant, muscular body having the head of a cute, little boy. His opponents reaction to it too.
    • Hell, pretty much every instance someone sees Ugo for the first time is hilarious.
  • Aladdin and Alibaba set off on their epic journey to the first dungeon... which is on the next street corner down from Alibaba's house.
    Aladdin: It's so close...!!
    Alibaba: I never said it was far.
  • Everyone, I would like to introduce you to the most beautiful of all the hostesses.
  • I'd also like to introduce you to the High King of the Seven Seas, Sinbad.
    • And then he strolls into a hotel half-naked and doesn't understand why the guards view him as suspicious.
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  • Ceiling Morgiana. Alibaba's reaction is priceless.
  • Then a few chapters later, Alibaba shows us the wrong way to check for thigh wounds. Even Morgiana was mortified.
  • This doubles as terrifying, but many found Aladdin and Alibaba's sudden... change to be quite funny.
  • I don't know what funnier: Yamuraiha's shocked expression or what Sinbad said.
  • The Magician and the Swordmaster both think that their trade is superior, and will prove it by having Aladdin and Alibaba compete against one another, but they don't want to be separated or fight!
    Alibaba: "Aladdin!"
    Aladdin: "Alibabaaa!"
    Sharkan: (to Alibaba) "Lets start training now!"
  • Aladdin wants to play with the pretty ladies too!
  • Kougyoku getting enraged at Sinbad for not remembering her. When she accuses him of violating her. Also his seven generals immediately agreeing with her.
  • Aladdin and Alibaba "willingly" become test dummies for Morgiana's new weapon.
  • Aladdin only calls busty women "Miss".
  • Zagan really detests humans to the point of throwing up when Alibaba talked to him.
    • From episode 21 of season 1, Hakuryuu's breakdown and his insults to Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana and even Zagan.
    Zagan: Wait, what's this? Are you crying?
    • He then cries some more while calling Morgiana "super human woman" and Aladdin "little twerp".
  • Alibaba is on the boat as a deadhead, so nobody knew he was listening to Aladdin and Morgiana talking about some weird situations of him. Poor Alibaba was devastated of knowing what they were thinking of him... But at the end, Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu knew all along that he was there and were just messing with him.
    • Beside the very hilarious expressions Aladdin and Hakuryuu had, just look at Morgiana's "grin".
  • In episode 7 of season 2, Alibaba trying to get Morgiana to go home so he can take Aladdin to another strip club. His arms literally extend a good ten feet placing her away from them, and then slowly stretch back to normal size.
    • And then there's Morgiana's utterly unimpressed reaction when she follows them and finds out what they were up to. Her indignant foot-stomp actually gets mistaken for an earthquake.
  • In Season 2, episode 10, after Kassim and Alibaba's separate magoi have fused into one inside Alibaba, Alibaba tries to smoke a cigar like Kassim used to...only to accidentally light his hair on fire.
  • Aladdin feeling up Titus only to reach the conclusion that he is male.
    • Sphintus reaction in episode 38 of the anime version is particularly merciless.
    Sphintus: (gleefully mocking Titus) Carful Milady, you might chip a nail!
    • Titus over the top reaction to meeting a cat while touring the city, sadly also a Tear Jerker when we learn just why he's that way.
  • Behold! Aladdin's only encouragement.
  • Lo'lo and Muron's scuffle with Mu trying to keep the peace culminating in Lo'lo throwing Mu into a wall.
  • Episode 43 of the anime. The forces led by Mu arrive and charge forward. Myron joins the battle and gets a little too caught up in it, despite herself.
    Myron: (after gleefully taking down several Magnostadt soldiers) I hope no one heard that. Kicking ass is no excuse for being vulgar.
  • How Aladdin defeats the Reim army. Sure, he could have obliterated them with his golem's lasers but instead he pushes the entire army all the back to shore and then has the cities shield reestablished forcing the entire army to have to do every step all over again, which Aladdin promises to reverse every time they try. You can see it in the armies faces collectively saying "Not again". How many heroes have defeated an entire army by being a total buzz kill?
  • Lerajie calls Kouen a "cheater" because he already has three djinn and she promised not to fall in love with anymore playboys.
    • In the anime she calls Kouen the "heartbreaker type".
  • Chapter 190: Ren Kouen isn't very happy that the Black Djinn are getting in the way of his precious knowledge.
  • From season 2, episode 23 of the anime. Kouen's method of asking Alibaba for a hand. Which involves shoving Alibaba's face into an active volcano so his fire magic will get stronger.
  • Chapter 198: After the fight is over, what does Ren Kouen do? He grabs Aladdin so he can tell Kouen everything.
    • Afterwards Kouha and Alibaba fight over Aladdin while a serious discussion continues. Especially funny in the anime where it's drawn out a little more than a one-panel gag.
  • Chapter 200: Mor is hilariously depressed that Alibaba has a girlfriend. Toto explaining that Alibaba lied about dating her and was just trying to look cool. When the secret is out, Aladdin, Sharrkan and Olba understand, give him a bro hug, and take him drinking and say one day he'll get a girlfriend. Alibaba starts crying in mixed happiness/anguish anyway. All while Morgiana breathes in relief.
    • There's also the revelation that Alibaba's "girlfriend" was really Garda, the gladiator beast Alibaba fought and freed back when he was in the Reim empire. This page details that there is at least some truth in Alibaba's "lie".
    • Even the standard message that the manga will be on break for a couple issues gets in a meta joke at Alibaba's expense. "Two week break for Magi in order to heal Alibaba's broken heart."
    • in the lead up to all of this, Morgiana finds herself so depressed over the revelation that she suffers a sleepless night over it but then denies it when Maseru questions her on it.
  • Chapter 201: Aladdin critiquing Yamuraiha's handiwork when she gives him new clothes and a staff.
    • Sharrkan getting jealous and angry at Alibaba getting taught by others. Sensing this Olba quickly leaves the room much to Alibaba's dismay.
  • Chapter 202: Alibaba's reaction to Toto and Olba hooking up.
  • The entirety of Chapter 203.
  • And everything comes full circle in Chapter 204 when Mor tells him about his misunderstanding and his ensuing, hilarious breakdown.
  • How Alibaba gets out of a tricky political situation (he can either prostrate himself before Ren Kouen, acknowledging he completely rules Balbadd, or not do so, but with the implication that he is truly an 'outsider' to his homeland): he claims that, to his people, the gesture is specifically for wishing good health upon a pregnant woman. Kouen instantly spots the trick, while his courtiers are horrified.
  • In chapter 265, Alibaba's spirit had been with where Judal was. But fans find it hilarious that the shape of Alibaba's spirit looked alike to the Cactuar.
    • And then there's the fact that Ugo fixed Judar by shaking him like a can of spray paint.
  • Chapter 266, Alibaba's "head" fell off and he just says that he's used to it.
    • The same local monster keeps trying to eat Judal every time he tries to act cool and leave Alibaba behind.
  • Chapter 284 has Alibaba's return to the world three years later... only to find the technology level has skyrocketed. His face says it all.
  • The reactions Jafar and Sinbad had to an alive Alibaba is so over the top that it's hilarious. Good to know that some things don't change regardless of the revelations.
  • Budel, of all people, returns after being Out of Focus as a minor character in the earlier arcs. Cue fans laughing their ass off.
  • Right after Aladdin successfully exorcises Arba from Hakuei by recreating her body cell by cell, Hakuryuu immediately demands that Aladdin stop hugging his sister. Some things never change.
  • When Morgiana advises Hakuryuu not to drink or else he'd stay up all night crying. It sounds like she had been through this before.
    • After Alibaba proposes to Morgiana and she accepts Aladdin twists the knife further by telling Hakuryuu he would surely find someone of his own someday. The prince angrily tells the Magi to hurry back to the Kou empire.
  • Masrur acts like a Shipperon Deck, agreeing with Alibaba and the others that Yamraiha and Sharrkan should marry while pushing the two closer together.
  • There's something amusing the way Ugo looks so placid and calm whilst slapping Sinbad down like he was a pesky bug.
  • Yes, it's massively creepy and shows just how far above everyone Ugo really is, but the fact that he has Il-Illah in a little fish tank makes you chuckle a little.
  • When Alibaba and Aladdin start to wonder if Sinbad ended up changing the Rukh while he was in the Sacred Palace, they start wondering about what he'd actually say. You'd expect a long explanation or some defense of his actions, but all he gives is a clear, simple, and quite blunt "Yes" when prompted with the question not even a panel after they're shown fretting about his answer.
  • Alibaba plans to escape from the afterlife in Chapter 345. When asked about why he would want to do so, he gives off a lost of unfinished business to take care of... and then complains about having not had a real relationship before, which makes everyone decide to help him go back to the other side.
  • Chapter 350 has Aladdin, Alibaba, Ugo and Arba discussing what to do with the Sacred Place and the layers and god that are above them. Its probably the most serious discussion in the entire series, but they all end up bickering and screaming like kids. And also this:
    Arba: I wont accept this! You will attack the gods of other dimensions just to have your new world?! You are all just like Solomon... Ill destroy your world for all eternity!!
    Alibaba: How intense!
    • In the same chapter we have Arba repeatdly hitting Ugo with her staff for messing with Il Ilah.


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