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Funny / Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami

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  • This [1] hilarious dramatic reading of chapter one. It's re-eenacted with action figures, most of them being from Star Trek.
  • "I will have to use stealth instead" said L and jumped in the broken window screaming.
  • There was a minute quiet for Light. Then he got life noted back. "Few! I thought I was a boner there!" "We all fought that." Said Misa and stopped hugging him because he wasn't one.
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  • Light's dad dressed as Watari shoot out a window just to show him he meant business and was not just some crazy guy in a helicopter.
  • "PEOPLE! I MEN YOU NO ARM!" he echoed and blew up a tower so people wood listen and not rjust run and scream a lot which they were. The stopped and turned and lookd at him and everyone wa amased by how hansom he was specally the women.
  • "AND SO WAS I!" Blud added but it was silly cos noone could see him.
  • "Look Mr L dude" dark said darkly. "I just want to blow up the world is that so evil?"
    "Yes because then where will the kiddies live?"
    Night looked shocked and stopped signing. "BRO! I NEVER FORT OF THAT!"
  • "You don't have any evidence that I'm kira" said Dark triumphantly
    "But you came here. That proves that you are kira!" L decryed
    Dark was so shocked that he fell to the floor screaming! How could he have given himself away so easily!
  • HM The Queen punching an interviewer in the face right out of nowhere. It's still hilarious even when it's revealed she was being mind-controlled by Dark.
    • The list of demands she made while being controlled is quite random and freaking hilarious. One of the items is a machine gun made of bread.
  • He worked for ours and ours to come up with an evil sceme that noone would guess like even the cops and L and those kiddie guys and beyond birthday workin together wouldn't be able to work out how L got dead. I know L would be dead but imagine he isn't except then thered be be no reason to work it out so i don't know he came back with a time machine to guess how i dead i dunno its not my story. It is but i don't care.
    • And said evil sceme that nobody would ever be able to see through? Throwing a knife at L when he wasn't looking.
  • The fact that a nuclear bomb (sorry, bom) only scratched the paint of Soichiro's car.
    • And that when Dark asks what it was, the people he was having a 'sevensome' with (Light, Misa, Sayu, Light's Mom, and The Girl From The Bus) say it was probably just a dog.
  • Shakespeare's poem at Dark's 'FUNREAL'.
    And forsooth Dark arte the bestest dude even thou he art sometimes rude. He had a pet fish called Rexing and really loveth the sexing. He had all the looks and smarts, he shall forever live in our hearts, except he arte dead so he won't.
  • Everything Watari says is a Crowning Moment of Funny with his 'British slangs' and his outrageous outbursts. It's even funny to imagine the actual Watari, a calm polite old man in canon, saying all that craziness.
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  • The 'fight' scene against Khaos
    They started punching and kicking and slapping and stabbing and elboeing and nookying and shooting and guting and boning each other really hard. Shadow joined in the fight too but he was too weak and khaos pinched him and he exploded.
    "NO MY ONE WEAKNESS" shouted shadow even though he had lots of weakness cos hes a weak guy but wanted to seem badass.
  • This one from Returning of D'ark - "“Fool” said the genre savvy Dark, “everyone knows that Riki is noob hero!” and lunged at Shakespeer. The playwright did a hadouken but Dark countered with sonic boom and punched Shakespeer out."
    • And this:
    "“WHY WON'T YOU DIE?” screamed Mello in anger. “I am the main character” replied Dark with snark “now watch me lampshade even more tropes”"
  • The double Voodoo Shark of Yotsuba writing "Night Yagami" in a Life Note. He meant to write "Might Yagami," because that's his dead dog. Why did he give it someone else's last name? Because it's actually a clone of Light.
  • In Chapter 38/Chapter 35, Blud gives us a summary of the fic:
  • The song that ends the world in Chapter 24 is The Evil Hokey Pokey.
    Thou putest thou evil leg in.


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