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  • "I'd hug you if it wouldn't get me fired."
  • Charlotte telling Piper she really shouldn't be crushing on Kid Danger (Henry).
    • Later on in the penultimate episode:
    Mr. Hart: Piper, you know how you've always had a crush on Kid Danger?
    Piper: NOT NOW!
  • How Charlotte got hired by Captain Man in The Secrets Out. She had to pass the pickle test - by getting a large pickle out of a small jar. She simply breaks the jar.
  • In the preview for "Birthday girl Down", Henry grabs the mic at a birthday party. The following conversation ensues:
    Henry: Time to prove what really happened.
    Random Partygoer: Sing Wrecking Ball!
    Henry:I'm not singing!
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  • From Tears of the Jolly Beatle, when Jasper thinks wearing skinny jeans will get him girls attention, we get this.
    Piper: Your problems are bigger then your pants.
    Jasper: I have to start somewhere!
  • Any scenes with the newscasters.
  • In "The Rock Box Dump" the man with the toupee's reaction and pretending Henry actually ripped off his real hair.
    • Captain Man's reaction when the rocks are dumped on his head and Jasper running off
    • The fact that the rock box dump challenge was a thing in this episode that people thought could help with Henry's "disease".
  • Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly cameo in "Ox Pox".
  • "Opposite Universe" Piper. She's a total sweetheart who donated her four extra concert tickets to poor kids, offers to bake Kid Danger a pie, and nonchalantly accepts the fact that "OU" Captain Man intends to destroy her. All with a huge smile on her face. Ella Anderson's performance is what sells it.
  • The laugh-track in general.
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  • In "Captain Drex" when Drex asks "What's the one thing Captain man loves most?
    Shwoz: Churros?
    Bose: Waterslides!
    Captain Man: Henry's Mom.
    Drex: What? Eww. No.
  • The beginning scene in "Balloons of Doom" especially when Nurse Cohort is stuck in the balloon cart and when Doctor Minyak reveals himself and Piper shouts "Doctor Yarmulke!"
  • While attending Kid Danger's funeral, Henry and Ray are about to have a heartwarming talk when Ray sees they're about to unveil a statue of Kid Danger and...Kid Danger. Apparently, the city changed it's mind about the statue of Captain Man.
    Henry: I didn't know!
    Henry: I swear, I didn't -
    Ray: Get out.
    Henry: So...see you on Thanksgiving?
    Ray: ...Of course.


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