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Anytime Piper gets Laser-Guided Karma for her actions- especially in the earlier seasons.

Season 1

  • 101-102:The Danger Begins, Captain Man's stealth What the Hell, Hero? when Henry contemplates going to his friend's birthday, and Captain Man sarcastically encourages him to do so, pointing out that there is a villain threatening the city.
    • Henry's Big Damn Heroes, taking on the Toddler and his minions head to head, easily dispatching them.
      • Also Captain Man shielding Henry as the Toddler's bomb goes off.

  • 104:The Secret Gets Out: How does Jasper get his revenge for being blackmailed by Piper? he blackmails her back!
  • 105:Tears of the Jolly Beatle: Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort get a villainous MOA when they actually manage to get rid of Captain Man's invulnerability, proving to be good threats to the heroes.
    • Henry giving a depowered Captain Man a What the Hell, Hero?, stating that he is still defending the city despite not having powers of his own to begin with, whilst Captain Man only feels sorry for himself.
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    • Team Man Cave playing a Drake & Josh episode to the Jolly Beetles, so they could get the acid they needed to give Captain Man his invulnerability back. And it works.
  • Henry fighting the titular Spoiler in Spoiler Alert. And when the Spoiler is about to break Henry's arm, Piper comes to the rescue and hands the Spoiler's ass to him.
    • Ray making Piper the new of the Man Fans is a combination of this and a Moment of Heartwarming.

Season 2

  • 210-211: Indestructible Henry: Henry getting hit by a cannon and surviving. Enough said. Granted, he was indestructible at the time, but... still.

Season 3

  • In Hour of Power, part 2, to test Henry's newly-gained super speed, Schwoz fires five missiles at him one after another and he escapes them all, catching the last one in mid- air, inches away from his face.

Season 5

  • In "The Fate of Danger", Jasper discovers a new super power: the ability to fight and speak Spanish while he sleeps.
  • Ray has this say to Drex while punching him off the blimp.
  • So, how does Henry save the day? By sacrificing himself to steer the blimp into Mount Swellview so it doesn't crash into the city. Thank God his forcefield powers activated at the last second.
  • In the final episode's ending, Ray becomes the mentor of the new Danger Force while Henry, Charlotte, Jasper and Piper become super heroes on their own in the town of Dystopia.


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