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Like most of Dan Schnieder's shows, Henry Danger has gotten quite a bit past the censors. But this show got a lot more past the censors than you'd expect. Actually nearing as much Radar as Wendell & Vinnie.


  • A surprising amount of questionable material in "The Danger Begins."
    • When Henry asks what the bracelet means that Captain Man gives him, he deadpans that they're engaged.
    • A lot of talk about balls. It Makes Sense in Context
    • The woman teaching Captain Man the ukulele giggles suggestively off-screen when he tells her to fill up the hot tub.
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    • Henry telling Captain Man the bomb is activated:
    "The nipple is blinking!"
  • In "Tears of the Jolly Beetle" Piper calls Kid Danger (who is really her brother) hot. Charlotte's reaction was just as creeped out as most people would be.
    Charlotte: "Yeah, you shouldn't be saying that."
    • In "Spoiler Alert" Piper calls Kid Danger cute again, this time to Henry.
    Henry: Ugh, kill me.
  • "Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems has numerous:
    • Henry's teacher's response to Henry getting an A on his test
    Teacher: "I'd hug you if it wouldn't get me fired."
    • Jasper's excuse while trying to cover for Henry is saying that Henry has hepatitis.
  • The first episode has the villain sent down a bottomless pit, then blown up. Thankfully the bomb going off was offscreen. Don't worry, he comes back in a later episode.
  • The gang gets sushi delivered from a place called Sushi Dushi. (Say it out loud.)
  • It was implied that Captain Man had sex with Debbie's mother.
    • They later got away with a Cuckold joke.
  • The "smoochy music" which also makes the couch spin around slowly.
  • "Invisible Brad" ends with the villain dying after he got hit by a bus... except he didn't- but still, that was a risky move on the writers' part.
  • After everyone in Swellview hates Captain Man and they post hate messages online about him. Ray is shown a picture someone posted of Captain Man with his head replaced with a cartoonish pile of poop... because he's a "shithead".
    • Everyone reading the comments about Captain Man.
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  • In "The Bucket Trap" Henry, Charlotte and Ray eat a certain food dish called "Lamb balls" which is not helped by the fact Henry says "Poor lamb".
  • In "Henry and the Bad Girl Part 1", Henry is handcuffed to the golf ball washer and tells Charlotte and Ray he has a itch he can't scratch. Ray offers to scratch the spot, but Henry tells him he doesn't wanna do that.
  • In "Secret Beef", reporter Evelyn Hall is blatantly lusting after Captain Man while interviewing him.
  • In one episode, Jasper mentions wanting "foot reduction surgery", citing the inconveniences of large feet as pain and people staring...the same type of reasoning for breast deductions.
  • In "Love Muffin", the way Ray acts with Gwen and how he tells Henry, Charlotte and Jasper that he's going to marry her after only knowing her for three hours while stumbling around is quite reminiscent to somebody coming home after a night out partying and/or drinking.
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  • Based on "Twin Henrys", it seems as though Gerta was actually a sex robot Schwoz built for himself. It was made worse when some she talked about cuddling with Schwoz looking like Henry.
  • In the beginning of the Crossover with Game Shakers, "Danger Games", Dr. Minyak proceeds to tell a captured Captain Man about his "dam" plan. Captain Man calls him out, telling to watch his language, before Dr. Minyak clarifies the misunderstanding by explaining his plan involving blowing up the Swellview Dam.
    Captain Man: "Oh, daaaaam!"
    • "Danger Games" pushes the boundary of swearing again with Piper when the fortune of her fortune cookie was more of a suggestion, outright calling it BS, startling Henry and the visiting Game Shakers. She fills in the acronym as "bad suggestion."
  • In "Jasper Danger" they get in a shockingly blatant Prison Rape joke. A kidnapper asks for 'Big 'n Beefy' hamburgers as part of his ransom demands, to which Captain Man replies that the only thing big and beefy he'll be getting is his cellmate in prison.
  • In "One Henry,Three Girls,Part 1" the tv reporters are talking about a public toilet that is going to be dedicated. When the male reporter asked the female reporter about what she thinks of it, she says she has many memories in there.
  • "Rubber Duck" had the title phrase used in the place of W.T.F.

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