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Heartwarming / Henry Danger

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  • In the pilot there's Ray, after revealing his superhero identity to Henry, explains how he see's potential in him, and hopes that one day, Henry can take his place as the hero of Swellview.
    • In Ray's origin story, he was accidentally zapped by an experimental beam in his fathers lab. Upon finding out his son has been hit with a beam, Ray's father rushes in to see if he's alright, and exclaims "Thank Jeepers" when he see's Ray is alright.
  • When Ray loses his powers in Tears of the Jolly Beatle, Henry continues to step up and protect Swellview in his place, despite Henry himself never having powers. Henry takes being a hero seriously.
  • In Spoiler Alert, there's Captain Man making Piper the new leader of the Man Fans, and calling out Paula for her brattiness.
    • Also Henry's reaction to Piper when he finds her crying after being rejected by Paula. It shows he truly loves and cares about Piper.
  • In Super Volcano, the episode where everyone in Captain Man's secret circle think the world is going to be destroyed by a volcano eruption, there's a scene where Henry sits under the stars with Charlotte and an unwitting Jasper. Henry tells Jasper he loves (Although he briefly snaps when Jasper tries to show off is pictures of buckets). They three bond while eating food.
    • Earlier in that episode, Henry wanting to spend time with his family when he thinks the world is going to end.
  • In The Beat Goes On, When Charlotte is Brainwashed and Crazy, the guys do whatever they can to save her. When they finally get the song out of her head, she collapses. Usually this would be Played for Laughs, but here they catch her, and help her walk over to the couch. And then they go and beat up Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort for brainwashing her, and wipe their memories so they won't remember who Charlotte is.
  • Ray, Henry, and Jasper wanting to help Charlotte when she has to fight Bysh in Brawl in the Hall
    • And when Ray brings in "expert" fighters, to help Charlotte learn how to fight.
  • Henry reliving his worst day ever to assure Charlotte gets into her prestigious program, [[Fun with Acronyms L.I.M.P.)
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  • There's a brief moment in "Indestructible Henry Part 2" after Ray pulls the chain of the canon, he catches Charlotte after they fall from the recoil from the blast.

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