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  • "Redemption," after Dahak is defeated:
    Iolaus: You never gave up on me.
    Hercules: What do you expect? You're the best friend I ever had.
    Iolaus: Oh, but I betrayed you, Hercules. I betrayed you and everyone else that had faith in me. I just hope you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me.
    Hercules: I already have.
    • After the first of the flashbacks showing how Dahak tempted Iolaus.
      Hercules: You sold him a lie.
      Dahak: I didn't have to sell him anything. The seeds of doubt were already in his own heart.
      Hercules: Iolaus was a hero in his own right.
      Dahak: That's what you tell yourself to placate your guilt, but you know the truth, don't you? You used him merely as a traveling companion on the road to your destiny.
      (Hercules starts laughing)
      Dahak: What's so funny?
      Hercules: You obviously don't know Iolaus very well. You're too selfish to understand. Whenever I lost sight of what we were fighting for, Iolaus reminded me through his own courage and strength. I don't know what his life would've been like without me, but I can't imagine my life without him.
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    • Zarathustra appearing to escort Iolaus to the afterlife.
    • Zarathustra telling Hercules that "the impulse to create" mentioned earlier does have a name before departing with Iolaus.
  • "Fade Out," as Hercules may vanish forever, he says this to Iolaus 2:
    "Before we met, you saw yourself as a jester, so that's what you were. I saw you as a hero who didn't know it yet. Once you saw yourself that way, too; well, that's what you became. We are who we perceive ourselves to be."
  • "Top God," just before leaving for Mount Olympus and full godhood, Hercules bids farewell to Iolaus and Jason - calling the former "my brother."
    • And in "Reunions", after Hercules comes back from his godhood and finds Iolaus again:
      Iolaus: So, what happened?
      Hercules: I realized how much my family means to me. And... you're it.
      (Iolaus turns away so Hercules doesn't see him cry)
  • In "Darkness Rising," Hercules finds most of the Druids dead and young Mabon barely clinging to life.
    Mabon: It hurts, Hercules. Please Don't Leave Me. I'm afraid.
    Hercules: (cradling him) I'm right here. I won't leave you.
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  • In "Centaur Mentor Journey," Hercules' You Are Not Alone moment with Theseus.
    Hercules: I'm sorry you have to go through this. It's never easy letting someone you love go.
    Theseus: What do you know about it?
    Hercules: More than I ever wanted to.
    Theseus: Cassius used to be my friend, but now Ceridian's the only one I have left.
    Hercules: No, I'm your friend, too. I know what you’re feeling. Ceridian was always there when I needed him.
    Theseus: But when he’s dead?
    Hercules: He'll still be there. You'll see. Just be grateful for this time you’ve had with him and know that he's going to a better place.
    Theseus: Do the Elysian Fields really exist?
    Hercules: I've been there.
  • After Iolaus' death, a distraught Hercules states that Iolaus was his hero.
  • In the final episode, Ares' demi-god son Evander is mortally wounded. Horrified, Hera and Zeus rush to save their grandson, and heal him by combining their powers. The experience causes the two to realize they still love each other, and Hera even thanks Hercules for his help in all this.
    • The final scene ever sees Iolaus ask Hercules if he would ever actually retire and settle down.
      Hercules: You know, Iolaus, we spend so much time walking down that road and wondering if eventually it would take me somewhere I'd wanna stop, but you know what? This is my life. It's what I do best. Maybe some day I'll be ready to slow, but for now, I'd rather just keep on walking. Care to join me?
      Iolaus: Frankly, Hercules, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • "Hero's Heart" sees Iolaus fail to save a woman's life and consumed with grief. An errant wish causes him to lose all his memories of Hercules, so he lapses back into being a thief and ends up working with a local criminal named Zeno. He's soon tasked with robbing a gold shipment guarded by Hercules, but he instinctively misses when lunging at him with a sword.
    Hercules: I knew you wouldn't hurt me.
    Iolaus: I don't even know why I didn't.
    Hercules: Because you're my best friend. You have been for years.
    • When Hercules seeks out Zeno's organization to find some answers, Iolaus reveals the criminal he replaced as Number Two is plotting to kill Zeno. Iolaus intends to save him.
      Hercules: Iolaus, why are you helping Zeno? He's a criminal.
      Iolaus: He's a criminal. He's my friend.
    • When Iolaus's memories are restored, he still regrets failing to save that woman, as well as his actions as a thief. Hercules reminds Iolaus it wasn't his fault and that he did good where it really counted: resisting killing him and saving Zeno.
      Iolaus: Hercules, thanks for believing in me.
      Hercules: That's what friends are for.
  • In "Medea Culpa", Hercules becomes attracted to the titular woman, but Jason makes a move on her out of jealousy—leaving Herc enraged and feeling deeply hurt. Iolaus tries to talk some sense into him about how being Overshadowed by Awesome sucks and can make people do stupid things.
    Hercules: Well, if I'm just so hard to be around, why don't you just leave?
    Iolaus: Because I'm a better person for knowing you. Hey, I used to be a thief, remember? And yeah, Jason made a mistake—a big one, but if you could just give him half a chance, you might be a better person for it, too.
    • The best part is Iolaus' tone; I'm a better person for knowing you is said in the most you idiot, why don't you know this already? tone.
  • In "Porkules," Hercules is turned into a pig because Autolycus stole Artemis's bow and unknowingly gave it to Discord. Iolaus intends to make things right, but Autolycus tries to back out once Ares's name is mentioned.
    Iolaus: Now, wait a minute! Hercules has done an awful lot for you. You owe him.
    Autolycus: Listen, you and I both know, if the big guy could talk, he would tell us not to stick our necks out for him. Besides, he loves being a pig. Just look at the little guy.
    Iolaus: [shoves him against a tree] This is all just a joke to you, isn’t it?
    Autolycus: You little—!
    Iolaus: [shoves him again] Well, let me tell you something, buddy. Hercules is the best friend I ever had. And yeah, you're right, he wouldn’t want us to risk our necks to save him, which is exactly why we're going to. Now, he'd do the same for me, even for you.
    Autolycus: Well, much as I hate to admit it, you've got a point.
  • In the Circle of Fire TV-Movie, Hercules and Deianeira are trying to retrieve the Eternal Torch from Hera before humanity freezes to death. They're dealt several obstacles, but it's not Hera's doing; it's Zeus. The titular circle of fire surrounding the torch can kill anyone with the blood of a god and Zeus is willing to even fight Hercules to keep him from passing through it.
    Hercules: You could really kill me, couldn't you?
    Zeus: I'm trying to save you. Why can't you understand that?!
    Hercules: The lives of all those people—
    Zeus: I care about people. It so happens I care about you I care more about you.
    Hercules: Father... I love you, too, but I still have to do this.
  • "Pride Comes Before A Brawl" ends with Iolaus getting all the praise and adulation for a change.
  • Hercules and Iolaus's reunion in "Unchained Heart":
    Iolaus: It's good to be with you again, Hercules.
    Hercules: Yeah, it is, isn't it? [smirks]
    [Iolaus laughs]
  • Hercules and Iolaus reuniting in "Revelations" is a major Man Hug.
    • Michael reveals that the entire episode was really a Secret Test of Character to see if one man would be willing to sacrifice himself for the rest of humanity. Hercules attempts just that—earning humans another chance. He reminds Michael that Iolaus risked his soul to warn him in the first place and that that should teach him something about people.
      Michael: Beyond your sacrifice, it was your friendship that renewed the Light's faith in humanity. The world would be a far better place if everyone held such respect for their fellow men. And while I would prefer to add you to our ranks of valiant warriors, Hercules, you will better serve the Light's will be returning to Earth and continuing to lead by example.
      Iolaus: There you go, old buddy. I always said the world needs you.
      Michael: And you, Iolaus, your betrayal of the Light comes at a high price. You are expelled from this realm and condemned... to continue your life at Hercules's side.
    • The heroes had to work with Ares to save the day, and he actually kept his word. Hercules actually thanks him for his help in the end.
  • In "The Wrong Path," Hercules was too consumed by the death of his family and a need for revenge to help a village against the She-Demon, who is turning all the men into stone statues. Iolaus later goes in Herc's place and quickly falls victim, too. When Hercules calms down and learns what's happened to Iolaus, he intends to stop the She-Demon for good. He passes through a collection of her victims, with Iolaus at the cave entrance.
    Hercules: [to Iolaus] This one's for you.
  • The time travel episode sees Iolaus trying to convince Hercules' pregnant mother that he'll be a hero.
    Iolaus: I am one of the people he's helped. One of the many. And I love him like a brother.
  • The end of "Once a Hero":
    Jason: A toast to Hercules. It was his confidence and example that brought me back from the dead for this wonderful moment.
    Hercules: And a toast to Jason. He's always been my hero, and he always will be.
    Iolaus: To heroes!
    Argonauts: To heroes!


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