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Headscratchers / Henry Danger

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  • In "Birthday Girl Down", where did Henry get the pictures that show Piper caused Debbie to fall off of the rooftop? Also why is he the only one who has seen those pictures? They couldn't have been taken from his phone because he's in some of them.
    • It wasn't explained how Henry got access to those pictures, but they were taken by the photographer who was hired to photograph the party set-up and the rest of the party. It was a bit of a Contrived Coincidence that he got the perfect picture of who turned the ball speed up.
  • In "Christmas Danger", why was Charlotte complaining about being in a men's cell, even though Henry, Jasper and Ray were with her? Wouldn't she rather be with her harmless friends than with random criminal ladies?
    • Well, she shouldn't be in the men's prison anyway. More to the point, why were Henry, Jasper, and Charlotte even in an adult prison? Don't they have juvenile detention?
  • Why is it that the police appear to be nonexistent whenever super villains come to terrorize Swellview every episode? Its obvious that this is a kid sitcom, where negative continuity practically flourishes in these types of shows, but shouldn't the police be more active in scenarios like these? Every time we see Captain Man and Kid Danger capturing whatever super villain of the episode is attacking Swellview, the police only appear whenever they're arresting one of the bad guys of the episode. At the very least, the police should be more active in their duties, maybe some patrol cars should be on duty or even safety patrol would suffice.
    • General superhero trope is that cops stay away from Supervillains. Because, you know, of the SUPER. You'd just end up with a lot of beaten up cops. Especially considering how incompetent EVERYONE is. Does get ridiculous with some supervillains, though. Like the Spoiler.

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