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Funny / Dora and the Lost City of Gold

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  • The opening scene with several nods for the theme song. It turns out to be Dora and Diego as kids playing pretend.
  • A few jokes early on revolve around parodying the Fake Interactivity of the original series. For example:
    Teenage!Dora: Look! It's a golden poison frog. Its skin is lethal and can cause full-body paralysis. Can you say "severe neurotoxicity"?
  • Dora wearing a huge snake over her neck. What makes it even more hilarious is it takes about 30 seconds for her parents to register it.
    Elena: Why are you wearing a snake?
    Dora: It's a boa boa.
    Cole: Very clever. (Elena glares at him; sternly) Take it off now.
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  • Dora's parents attempt to warn her about some of the dangers that can be found in within an urban high school environment, which leads to her father doing an impression of a rave.
  • Sammy ranting about why Swiper would need to conceal his identity when he's the only fox for miles.
  • Swiper's entire Toon Physics gimmick has him running on an airplane fan, crashing into boxes across the room, and generally making a fool of himself... and still successfully stealing from Dora. Doubles as awesome.
  • Whenever subtitles appear to translate the Spanish dialogue. In one scene Dora and co. have a discrete Spanish conversation. Unfortunately, it's no help to Randy.
    Randy: Why'd I take Mandarin?!
  • Dora and friends enjoy making fart noises when stepping in quicksand until they realize they're sinking. By getting them to relax their bodies, Dora is able to get everyone out except Alejandro, who loses his cool and goes under upon having two scorpions mate on his head, but fortunately for him the bottom is hollow and the kids pull him out. He immediately begins crying hysterically about how he's almost died.
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  • The giant flowers in one part of the jungle emit spores that cause Dora, Diego, and Alejandro to hallucinate that they're animated characters in the style of the original cartoon. Alejandro gets naked upon realizing how free he suddenly feels, while Dora imagines that everything around her has a face, including a small rock and the mountain over Parapata.
  • The one time that Boots talks with Danny Trejo’s voice coming out of a small monkey.
  • Early in the film, Dora nearly swears, but censors herself at the last second. Later on she repeats this, but in Spanish.
    Dora: Oh, shhhhhhoot!
    Dora, later: ¡Mierrrrrrr-coles!note 
  • As a form of Black Comedy during the ending credit dance sequence, Alejandro pleading in song to be released from prison, and the Guardians of Parapata responding by telling him in their own language, once again in song, that he will remain locked up for a millennia. What makes it more funny is that neither Alejandro nor the Guardians of Parapata would understand what each others are singing.
  • The novelization of the film has a deliciously Lemony Snicket-esque tone to it. Some highlights include:
    • Regarding Dora's penchant for Fake Interactivity:
    Dora turned her head, and looked out into space. Then she said, "Can you say delicioso? Say delicioso!"
    It was quite unclear to whom she was speaking. But since we don't want to leave her hanging, please say "delicioso" right now.
    This is the part where we wait for you to say "delicioso."
    Thank you.
    • In a section about Swiper:
    Of course, one thing you should absolutely know - all of Swiper's talking just sounded like fox chatter to Dora and her friends. That's right. They couldn't understand a word of it.


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