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2015 Film

  • Malcolm masturbating. First, it was video of a girl twerking; the second was a picture of Nakia.
  • The trio's decision for going into A.J.'s house? They saw Lily undress.
  • Malcolm's major Oh, Crap! after he sees the dope and a gun in his backpack.
  • Lily, who is high on drugs, pees in public.
    • The wonderful use of Busta Rhymes' verse on "Scenario" during this scene and the following flashback. For example, the above scene happened to the line "Have you smellin' rank like some old stale urine!"
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  • Like the above, Will getting to have sex with Lily has the song "Bitch Betta Have my Money" by AMG. The first line of which is "Ain't nothin' like Black pussy on my dick".
  • Right before they are about to have sex, Lily vomits all over Malcolm. Even getting some in his mouth.
  • When Nakia shows up to be tutored by Malcolm, Jib and Diggy make sexual gestures behind their backs before Malcolm and Nakia turn around, so they stop and act natural.
  • "I'm George W. Bush, I don't give a fuck about the vote."