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2015 Film

  • Diggy and Jib sticking with Malcolm throughout the entire ordeal. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Malcolm's epic dancing in the credits.
  • The trio's punk rock band. They even have a pretty badass song.
  • Malcolm pulling a gun on his school bully after he and his friends beat up him, Jib, and Diggy. The next scene with them, the bully and the gang stay away, complete with the leader tipping his hat.
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  • How does Malcolm get A.J. off his back. Simple. He frames him for selling the drugs online, with the help of Will.
  • Diggy smacking Will (both in flashback and in present) for using the N-word so nonchalantly. Although the point is kind of lost when she and her friends use it so liberally, which in itself is pretty funny.

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