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Even Luck Based Missions can be hilarious if something goes awry.

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  • The PC game allowed players to replace the default amounts with their own amounts...or even custom prizes. This video shows the extent of that, with a year's supply of calendars, a Hannah Montana poster, and a 1971 Pinto.
  • In one episode, they had a contestant's sister replace one of the models. The contestant completely failed to recognize her, and so did her parents, causing Howie to drop increasingly blatant hints. One wonders if the sister was The Unfavorite in the family.
    Contestant: Am I missing something?
    Howie: Are you missing something? YES!
  • One episode had a contestant a bit too excited, causing her wild flailing to knock over the phone and break it. Luckily, they had a replacement after the commercial break, and the banker then docked $10 off the next offer to pay for the phone.
    • This also happened to another enthusiastic contestant who, when refusing the banker's deal, slammed the cover back over the button so hard that the cover actually snapped off of its hinge. When the show came back from a commercial break the cover had been repaired with duct tape and the banker docked the cost of the thing from the next offer.
  • One female contestant was shown a lemon on wheels, then told the deal was "what's behind that". The player, looking at him with a serious face and arms crossed, replied with "...the girl?"
  • One Christmas episode had a contestant who was afraid of Big Bird because he used to have a chair of him that had huge eyes that seemed to come towards him at night. This kept getting brought back up, until close to the end where Howie asks the guy if the high stakes are scaring him. Cue Big Bird himself sneaking up behind him and sending him running off the stage. The guy is then coaxed back onstage, where he regains his composure and gives Big Bird a hug. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • The episode where the banker recollected his favorite contestants, as in the ones who went home with the least amount of money. Special mention went to his biggest favorite of all, Sheryl, who went out of the game with a mere 5 dollars.
    • From that particular playthrough during a cliffhanger:
    Sheryl: Oh, Howie..! I know what you're gonna do...!

    United Kingdom 
  • August 25, 2009: In Des' game, one of the players-in-waiting had a bit of trouble with Box 17 and ended up tilting the box back instead of opening the lid. It doesn't seem like much in print, but pretty much the entire Dream Factory couldn't stop laughing.
  • David's game had him pick Box 2. When the box was opened, there was no amount inside — only four pieces of black sticky tape. He was given a choice — either restart his game, or have the remaining thirteen amounts (including the one that was supposed to be in Box 2) shuffled and continue his game from there. David chose the latter, and found out that Box 2 was supposed to contain £250,000.
  • Nikki's game was an odd one as well — she got no offers above £250, and managed to get offers as low as 6p.
  • ...But that's nothing compared to this guy, who got offers of £1, 10p, and 1p.



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