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Heartwarming / Deal or No Deal

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  • In one episode, there was an Italian contestant, Giuseppe Iannello, who was also a fan of the show's Italian version (Affari Tuoi, literally Your Business). So what happened? Howie surprised him with a via-satellite greeting from their then-host of Affari Tuoi, Flavio Insinna, who wished him good luck. The catch? Flavio was in his own version of the show's studio!
  • In the UK version a contestant wanted to win money to travel to America to track down his sister whom he lost contact with decades ago. All he had was a picture of her walking down an unknown street in New York. It turned out the street was in the financial district, and thus the Banker actually gave the street name as part of the deal to help the contestant find his sister.
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  • In Australia's version, contestant Esther Horacjy was playing a very respectable game, planning to get a new car along with going on a holiday to New Zealand with her partner John Adamson from the winnings. The banker had other ideas, however… and the offer Esther ended up accepting was the Car, which was a then-new Peugeot 308. Doubles as an Awesome Moment when her case only had 50 cents in the end.
    Andrew: You have turned 50 cents into a car! That's what I call a deal!
  • Coming down to the final two boxes in the UK version, Pat was given a final bank offer of 170,000 Pounds. Her response before deciding? "Thank you, Mr. Banker".


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