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Trivia / Deal or No Deal

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  • Big Name Fan: Inverted in regards to the Wii version of the Licensed game - RT Game considers the Wii Version to be the worst game he's ever played.
  • Follow the Leader: A self-inflicted example. Endemol gave ABC a big-money, luck-based "pick the object" game called Set For Life in Summer 2007. It was terrible and got canned after seven episodes.
  • Missing Episode: For some reason, NBC yanked at least two — the very first game of the Million-Dollar Mission (with LeAnn Rimes) was pulled because the network didn't think a contestant knocking out both $1,000,000 cases right off the bat was a good way to start (she was still given the $50,000 she earned), and another because it wasn't exciting enough (although it eventually got on their website, which is now devoid of all DOND videos).
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  • Prop Recycling: Of a sort. The U.S. syndicated run used a smaller version of the Deal Wheel (take a metal ball, spin the wheel, run up stairs, drop the ball through Plinko-esque pegs before it lands on spaces that halve/double/triple your money, used as part of several gimmick episodes on the NBC version) as a contestant selection device.
  • Screwed by the Network: NBC apparently didn't learn about the consequences of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'s Wolverine Publicity and, much like Millionaire, the network's actions eventually led to a drop in the show's popularity and subsequent cancellation after four seasons. The show was screwed with so often, and so badly, that people got sick of the syndicated version as well, which was canned after two seasons.

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