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  • Poole's uptight Englishness is often played for laughs.
  • In the second episode between Fidel and Dwayne who are staking out the diving instructor while he's at work. Dwayne has the binoculars.
    Fidel: Does he only teach women in bikinis?
    Dwayne: (Eyes glued to binoculars) I hope so.
  • Then Dwayne explaining to Fidel about why he always gets to ride the bike part of the sidecar.
    Dwayne: Besides, you're better at processing evidence than I am. I'm all fingers and thumbs which isn't good when you're dealing with fingerprints. (A little later) You process evidence, I look cool on bikes.
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  • The crossdressing beggar thief. The best part is when Dwayne finally catches him and tells the guy, "Wait 'til I tell your mother!"
  • Poole playing Agent Scully when confronted with Voodoo:
    Bordey: Creole Voodoo beliefs have been part of the island for hundreds of years!
    Poole: So were cholera and typhoid! You even got rid of the French eventually!
  • Dwayne breaking into the Post Office and Poole's reaction with Dwayne saying that he has five people who will swear that he was on the other side of the island at the time of the crime.
  • Richard is afraid of snakes. Upon discovering this fact, Camille leaves a rubber snake on his chair in the station. He Screams Like a Little Girl and then grumpily throws it at her, as all the while she is attempting to hide her giggles behind a piece of paper.
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  • In episode 6, where Poole is bedridden with fever, Camille's mother is treating him. However, he objects to her soup, to the point that he just pours it into one of the potted plants. Then there's his description of what her soup tastes like.
  • Dwayne's utter confusion regarding the basic premise of Clue.
  • Early on in "A Personal Murder", after Cedrik's funeral, a local custom involving cell phones as Coffin Contraband is discussed. Then the subject of the custom being applied whenever the deceased's body is cremated gets brought up...
    DI Goodman: ...Isn't that a bit dangerous? Don't the batteries explode?
    Dwayne: Really?
    DI Goodman: Anyway, it doesn't matter now.
  • The pallbearers' banter outside of the mortuary after getting Cedrik's coffin out of the hearse.
    Dwayne: If he'd stuck to the diet, this would've been a whole lot easier.
    Ivann: If he'd stuck to the diet, we wouldn't be here.
    Tommy: My brother didn't listen to you when he was alive, Ivann, and he sure as hell ain't listening to you now!
    Father Floyd: OK, fellas, this is not what Cedrik would've wanted.
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  • Dwayne and Captain Jack Parrot making the world's most perfect reference to Monty Python in the episode "The Early Bird".
  • In "An Artistic Murder", Humphrey is trying to set up a dating profile after his wife subsequently abandons him. While working on it, he asks for Camille for some help. Camille's response?
    Camille: You can put that you're kind, you're handsome, and you're very sexy.
    Humphrey: (Genuinely surprised and flattered) Really?
    Camille: Of course! It's internet. Everyone lies!
  • In "Ye of Little Faith", Camille takes Humphrey to her mother's restaurant to try some of her famous chicken stew. Whilst Humphrey gobbles it up, Camille is explaining how the stew gets it flavor by an incredibly spicy pepper that shouldn't be consumed on its own. Humphrey ends up eating the pepper while she explains it. The next scene shows Humphrey downing a large pitcher of milk while other restaurant-goers watch him.
    Humphrey: I think I owe your mother for a lot of milk.
  • "So just to be clear, your alibi is that at the time of the murder, you were doing charity work in an orphanage surrounded by nuns?" "Yes, I guess it is."
  • When the sun doesn't cooperate and hides behind the clouds:
    Richard: Oh for God- Three hundred days a year you shine TEN HOURS A DAY!!! AND THE ONE TIME I ACTUALLY WANT YOU TO SHINE, YOU GO IN!!!!

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