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"Laugh with me!
I don't know if you've noticed but I've been trying a couple different styles of evil laugh. It's hard to pick the right one."

  • "I assure you, my good man, Nemesis is most definitely 'down with the street.' Word up, my homie, as it were."
  • "But there is nothing there, master? Why do you make me attack this nothingness?"
  • Before combat: "I'm gonna buy a sportscar, and then weld it to me. Like some kind of sportscar centaur. The first Freakshow Sportaur! Or maybe Centcar? Ah, I'll work out the details later, but it's gonna be AWESOME!"
    • When combat starts: "You won't stop my dream of an all leather interior!"
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  • "Oh, what has science wrought? I sought only to turn a man into a metal-encased juggernaut of destruction powered by the unknown properties of a mysterious living crystal. How could this have all gone wrong?"
  • "I spent 1000 Mission Architect tickets and all I got was this stupid badge!"
  • The last mission of the Cloning Facility arc in City of Villains. You go into a bank, everyone panics, the guards draw their guns, you go up to the bank teller and say, "I'd like to make a transfer." You drain an Arch-Villain's bank account. While doing so, the Teller tries to say something, but: "No small talk." After the transfer is complete, she thanks you for not robbing them today.
  • This is an overlap with Good Bad Bugs. During Mender Ramiel's first mission, if you're playing as a character that can summon stationary pets (such as a Tree of Life or an Acid Mortar), they will also gain the awesome power of an Incarnate, granting them immunity to their own built-in immobilization. This allows them to follow you all over the mission and provide extra damage (even though you don't need it. At all.)
  • During one of the Praetorian invasion events in the Rogue Isles, an admin acting as Lord Recluse began to exhort his followers to protect the Isles' shrimp supply, because surely we weren't foolish enough to believe that our entire economy was based on an endless cycle of stolen money.
    • And at the end of a later invasion, the admins entered the game as a pair of War Walkers and began to pull Michael Jackson dance moves while handing out titles.
  • The admins provided a series of Funny Moments during the Praetorian Invasion in their roleplaying signature characters in the admin channels. Like this line from Emperor Cole in response to Neuron and Antimatter's bickering:
    Emperor Marcus Cole: ENOUGH! Get back on track for this invasion or I'm turning this army around and we're going home!
    • And then Infernal's response:
  • Positron's answer to a forum question about why he never lifts a finger to help the heroes dying at his feet:
    Positron: All that crap is grey to me, no XP.
  • In Twinshot's introductory mission, the security terminal asks you to identify yourself. One of the dialogue branches is rife with movie Shout Outs: the choice is "My name is Inigo Mon--", and the console responds "Really? You're really going there? That joke is over twenty years old. Just for that, this console will self-destruct in five seconds." Your character then spends the next several dialogue boxes sputtering and trying to stop it, but the console continues counting down...and skips right to two, prompting you to shout "WAIT! What happened to three?!"
  • The Circle of Thorns in the Halloween tip mission are...kind of dumb.
    Minion: They said Praetoria was shades of gray. This looks awfully blue to me.
    Minion 2: Seriously?
    Minion 2: I'm going to let them kill you.
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  • For Valentine's Day 2012, they added "valentines" that the player could deliver to the intended recipient, or misdeliver them to someone else. One is from perennially captured Midnighter Percy Winkley to ditzy wannabe villainess Flambeaux; the alternate option is to throw it in a trash can "where it will never do anyone any harm, thus fulfilling the will of the universe" – considered the correct choice.
  • There is a level 50 Rogue-to-Hero Alighment Mission where the player opts to rescue Cabal witches from Crey for a promised reward. But one after the other the 'rewards' the Cabal witches provide are useless mundane items - a charm to prevent headaches, for example. By the end of it, the rogue has abandoned all hope of a decent reward - and then they're attacked by a hero who thinks they're working with Crey.
  • When an enemy with a high-powered assault rifle decides to run tight up next to the guy with the giant flaming sword and fire at him from within the reach of said giant flaming sword. And the guy with the giant flaming sword has no ranged attacks.
  • Mako is now a brony
  • During the Statesman (Later Ms. Liberty) Task Force, Dr. Aeon taunts "You stupor-powered fools" for falling into his "brilliant trap"! After explaining that they key to the door and the code to the portal is held by the four archvillains scattered throughout the area, Aeon muses to himself...
    Dr. Aeon: "...I can't believe I just told them how to escape like that. Ah well, erase this recording and we'll start over."
    Henchman: (raises hand) "Uh, sir?"
    Dr. Aeon: (Turns and puts his hands on his hips) "What?"
    Henchman: "Uhm, you said you wanted to broadcast this, uh, live..."
    Dr. Aeon: (Turns back to the camera) Beat "AGH! Shut it off, SHUT IT OFF!"
  • This user attempt to make a copyright-friendly version of Iron Man.

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