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  • Powering a city with clean and abundant (but expensive to set up) hydroelectric power? Nice. Doing it without accidentally inundating or sweeping away anything? Even better. Ensuring your dam stays full by pumping it full of sewage? Hilarious.
  • Water treatment plants clean up sewage. If you manage them well, you can actually drink the treated sewage after it powers your dams. Even funnier, the water treatment plant only takes out 85% of human waste pollution (i.e. the water is still 15% sewage), in line with real life US federal standards.
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  • Dead bodies are treated problem-wise the same as garbage. If you decide not to build deathcare buildings, Cims will start chirping about funny smells next door to themselves.
  • City radio commercials are basically all jokes:
    • "Make sure you visit At the Old Grain Mill Old Family Restaurant, and not the abandoned grain facility at the edge of town. It's not open to the public, and presents a serious risk to anyone who dares enter that dangerous old flour mill."
    • "Visit Andy's Bowling Alley, and be reminded that you're not actually that good at bowling!"
      • "Due to recent incidents *squelch*, the chili will only be distributed at the end of the night!"
    • "At Colossal Ore, we care about our employees. That's why we do everything to get our miners back into the mines where they feel at home! Colossal Ore: More Than Ore."
    • "Dino Oil: Embrace the power of bones."
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    • "We are The Law Accounting, officially unlicensed since 2005."
  • Chirper is just annoying most of the time, but occasionally it will display some surprisingly funny posts, like the one where someone finds their basement flooded, notices the water to be pleasantly warm, and signs the message with "#coolnewswimmingpool".

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