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Fridge Brilliance

  • It didn't occur to me until I heard Baileywick announce Cedric in "Cedric's Apprentice", but even Cedric's title of "the Sorcerer" shows how inept he is. Most esteemed wizards, like Cedric's father Goodwyn "the Great", have a title that reflects their skill or deeds. Cedric isn't even well-known enough to have his own title; he's not a "great" sorcerer, he isn't even a "good" sorcerer. He's just a sorcerer.
    • Confirmed in "Mystic Meadows" - though by the end, he's been renamed "Cedric the Sensational".
  • The first-ever special features a classic example of Didn't Think This Through: Cedric gives Sofia a spell that will put everyone in the ballroom to sleep, but watches it from the ballroom and falls victim to the spell himself. In a sense, this is Foreshadowing of Cedric's entire motivation. The Amulet of Avalor rewards its wearer's good deeds and punishes their bad deeds. Cedric knows this, as he's the one who told Sofia in the first place, and yet, he somehow thinks he can use the object to take over the kingdom. If he ever got his hands on it, it would probably be worse than useless in a hostile takeover.
    • Confirmed in "Cedric Be Good". Cedric finally gets the Amulet and, once it gives him Super Strength, he tries to take over the kingdom and declares that he'll rule with an "iron fist".
    • That same episode also offers some justification to why he thinks his plan would work - he's not supposed to wear it to use its power to take over the kingdom, this just ended up happening by accident, and doing good deeds to gain powers is simply his backup plan. It also never occurred to him that the amulet would consider his attempted takeover to be a bad deed.
  • The seahorse army that's just the "immediate family". Seahorses are known explosive breeders in real life.
  • In the pilot, Amber uses a broom to defend Sofia from Wormwood. The rabbit says that it's the first time Amber's picked up a broom, but she sure knows how to use it. However, as we saw at Royal Prep, at which Amber's a student, everyone studies fencing, and she wields the broom like a sword. She's using her fencing training, even though she doesn't have a sword at hand. —Quaddie Fan
  • Fridge Horror: Winter the faun freezes anything she touches even if she doesn't want to and had this power for at least one year. That means she couldn't help but freeze anything she ever tried to eat during that time. It's a wonder she didn't starve to death.
    • The spell only seems to affect things she touches with her hands and fingers (she is wearing normal clothing after all). Perhaps she used artificial extensions to actually hold the food, like pliers or salad tongs, which would still be frozen sure, but the freeze wouldn't go any farther than that and thus wouldn't ice the food. That may also be how she gets dressed.
  • Many fans were put off by the ending of The Curse of Princess Ivy due to Amber's character development being essentially undone— but what if it wasn't Amber who was truly meant to be given characterization in this special- but the Amulet itself? After all, the Amulet's endangering an entire kingdom over a single child being slightly petty is pretty much the crowning jewel of Disproportionate Retribution. But wait. Amber asked for Rapunzel, and eventually the Amulet gave her Rapunzel... who gave her exactly the advice that caused her to lose her memories. What if the entire curse was a grand orchestration by the Amulet to protect its own privacy and teach Sofia the consequences of telling others about it?
    • If so, than "The Mystic Isles" happened because the Amulet felt Amber was ready to find out again.
  • In Sofia the Second, the duplicate Sofia was wearing a pink dress. Sofia had worn a nearly identical dress- in the first episode where she had been cursed. At the very least, it's a bit of Fridge Brilliant foreshadowing; and if the above assumption that the Amulet is intelligent is correct, it could even have been an indication that punishment for her selfish motives was the reason Sofia's spell worked improperly.
    • Another interpretation of why Sofia’s clone was evil is actually quite simple. Empathy, a trait required for basic human decency, is also one developed over time as one grows older. Essentially, Sofia’s clone is born as an eight-year-old girl, skipping most of her developmental years for empathy.
  • Miss Nettle makes a comment about being "as famous as Maleficent". Using Maleficent as a reference makes sense because Miss Nettle is a former pupil of the very same fairies who helped to protect Sleeping Beauty from her.
  • At first, some fans might wonder about the different punishments Amber and Cedric received during each one's turn to steal the Amulet of Avalor. The difference makes sense upon considering each one's objective: Amber wanted to meet a Princess so the Amulet gave her Princess Ivy; and Cedric wanted to use the Amulet's power to take over Enchancia so it gave him a curse that made him destroy the potion he made to enable him to use the blessings without the risk of being cursed.
  • Word of God is that the Amulet cannot be used by someone unless it is willingly passed on. And yet Cedric was able to use the Amulet's power in "Cedric Be Good", with Sofia none the wiser that he'd even taken it. However, the Amulet eventually gives him a curse that could only be broken by him returning the Amulet to Sofia. The Amulet allowed itself to be used by Cedric so that he would realize that his efforts to take and control its power would always end up in failure.
  • Cedric is always saying he wants to use the Amulet to rule Enchancia. But if you pay attention to his motives, what he really wants is to be appreciated and respected. When do his efforts to take the Amulet fade off? When Sofia starts helping him get some respect and appreciation from Roland and his own father, Goodwyn. The Amulet is helping Cedric indirectly by granting him what he REALLY wanted, as opposed to his stated goal.
  • Chrysta's initial disdain towards Sofia, and princesses in general, makes some more sense after learning about her life growing up on the Island of Fairies in "A Very Mystic Wassalia," and "Undercover Fairies". With no family of her own, the only company she could've had growing up were the other fairies on the island, but they all shunned her due to her rough-and-tumble nature not meshing with their delicate, dainty society, which Chrysta probably equated to princess society as well due to their superficial similarities with those fairies.
  • Cedric's go-to curse is "Merlin's mushrooms!" (and he absolutely fanboys over Merlin when giving the opportunity to meet him). Meanwhile, Wormwood's version namedrops Morgana, Merlin's archenemy. It's a nice demonstration that, despite having a wicked goal, Cedric is good at heart, while Wormwood is evil to the core.
  • Cedric states that undoing a salamander transformation is an easy spell he learned on his first day of sorcery school. Honestly, that's the perfect spell to start students out with, especially since it seems to be just as easy to turn someone into a salamander. Either by accident or by bullying, Hexley Hall students are probably turned into various amphibians all the time, so it makes sense that the staff makes sure their students can undo it first thing.
  • Queen Miranda's desperation to help an endangered ship in "Pirated Away" makes more sense after "Forever Royal" reveals what happened to her first husband.

Fridge Horror

  • About Rapunzel's hair... We see the drop of sun leaves her body in a tear and enters Eugene's through his wound which it heals. And Eugene and Rapunzel are married now and since the wedding night involves an exchange of fluids.... Maybe I should stop thinking about this right now.
    • Except Rapunzel's hair regenerates during Tangled: The Series, which takes place before Tangled Ever After. Foreshadowing, anyone?
    • It's not really that hard to think about if you consider the fact that the amulet is magic, so it can be handwaved either way by explaining that the amulet summons the princesses in their prime moments or in spirit or something.
  • There's a couple of episodes involving gargoyles. At first glance, you may dismiss them as your usual creepy-looking ornaments, but, in one episode, a gargoyle is accidentally revived by a misfired spell. Upon coming to life, it happily exclaims "I'm Free!" and flies away. It doesn't stop there. In the episode where Sofia must take care of Aunt Tillie's house while she's out, the three gargoyles she owns come to life because of a magic music scroll and clearly express joy at being able to move again. Sure, those three gargoyles may have been very unpleasant, but the point is, that gargoyles in this world are apparently living, breathing creatures until someone captures them and turns them into lifeless stone statues to remain as rooftop decorations for all eternity. Slavery, much?
  • Cedric might have turned good and saved Enchancia from Grimtrix but, as far as we know, the other Order of the Wand members are still ruling whatever Kingdoms they set to conquer.
    • Doubtful. Merlin and the other remaining Good Sorcerers had headed out with the stated goal of stopping the takeovers, and it was Merlin himself who told Sofia how to undo the Medusa Stones' spell. Forewarned about the threat, and having the element of surprise, it's unlikely that the Evil Sorcerers triumphed for very long.
  • Considering Ivy and Prisma are both motivated by the discontent and loathing they feel toward their older sisters, Amber should feel lucky that Sofia is kind, patient, and caring, or Sofia could very easily have ended up like them. Even worse, Amber could have ended up like them on several occasions if not for Sofia's pure heart.
    • In "A Royal Wedding", Sofia is experiencing her own nightmare fuel as she watches her brother spiral into the same path that both Ivy and Prisma did. What James was doing may have seemed minor, but who's to say that doing minor things to sabotage a sibling isn't how Ivy and Prisma started out either? And there's no way to know if James would have continued escalating circumstances. Sofia was experiencing the very beginning of what could have been another disastrous Sibling Rivalry.
  • In "The Little Witch", imagine if Lucinda hadn't saved Sofia when she fell from her broom. If Sofia had died, Lucinda very likely would've been held responsible for it, and who knows what the kingdom would've done to her in response? Even worse, imagine how this would've affected Lucinda, who probably would've blamed herself for causing Sofia's death.
  • Princess Ivy wanted to destroy the amulet. If she had succeeded, Elena would've been killed, and Avalor would never have been freed from Shuriki.
  • Vor mentions a wanting to conquer a new world that toward the "second star on the right". While this first at seems to be referencing Neverland, remember that she mentions it's above the "island of faeries and pirates." This means the Neverland is actually part of Sofia's world, while the second world is actually our world.

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