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Fridge Logic is found at the main Headscratchers page.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Aside from the improbably of a Chinese person having a Japanese name in circa late-nineteenth century/early twentieth century China, Shujinko's name does make some sense in-story. The name translates into English as "Protagonist" and what role is he playing when at the start of Deception's Konquest Mode while playing a game of make believe with some fellow classmates? He's roleplaying as the hero against fellow students who are playing as the antagonistic Shang Tsung and Goro. Perhaps he got to play the role of hero so often that Shujinko stuck as a nickname.
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  • The sad thing about Shujinko, is that for all of the negative reception he has gotten, he is in fact a shout out to all the loyal fans of the MK franchise. Consider what he is, his name is literally Japanese for "protagonist", his story is that of a normal person, who is given a superpower by a magical presence, that lets him duplicate the abilities of other fighters he meets. He goes onto meet with, battle/train with most if not all of the other characters in the series, and is even invited to take part in the MK Tournament itself. What is the key aspect of the Mortal Kombat video game? Switching to different fighters, and using their abilities as your own, as you take part in the game's events. What is the most common of fantasies about such a game? Being drawn into said game, and having your own personalized, and customized selection of powers from all of your favorite fighters, and taking part in said events. The various incarnations of Shujinko even represent the mindsets of the various fans. From the idealistic, young, newcomer, to the jaded, Master-class, expert who has been a part of it from the very beginning, and all of those in-between. Is Shujinko the developers way of saying thank you for all the years of loyalty and devotion, by bringing them as far into the game as realistically as they can?
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  • Early Endings for Mileena (Particularly II and Ultimate) depicted Mileena and Baraka hinted at being an couple and being future King and Queen however, Mileena had an Girl Power moment, Realized she didn't need an man and instead set out on her own to achieve her goals. Making their fight scene in Deception completely logical.

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