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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Throughout the series, the variations of the theme song begin to have more heavy use of string instruments. Violins are the instruments of sadness, right? And Max's life does keep getting progressively worse after each game.
  • Why is Nicole Horne destroying the Valkyr lab, killing all her allies and enemies, and trying to fly out of New York? Because Jack Lupino had his men rob a bank to steal Aeries Corporation bonds. This unwanted attention could possibly lead to the investigation of Horne's kingpin operations, so that's why she killed and destroyed everything that could be traced back to her.
  • The nightmare levels in the first game were the Scrappy Level for some people, especially the part where you have to try and follow the blood trail. But the thing is, only that way could they have been made to feel like nightmares. They have to be frightening and unpleasant to play.
  • At first, the case against Max for murdering Alex seems way too flimsy to hold water in court. The angle at which the bullet entered Alex's body was way different from where Max was standing, and any security footage would have shown Max not pointing his gun at Alex and Alex getting knocked over to the left (if Max shot him, he would have fallen backward). Senator Nicole Horne must have pulled a few strings in order to get Max labelled the killer.
  • In the first game, there are many ads for "Choir Communications" (a company also referenced in the second game), which has the slogan of "The voice of the angels." This is both a clear reference to the "flesh of fallen angels" and the running Norse/Valkyrie theme, but also gives a reason why the junkies are always ranting about angels when high. Presumably their memory of the advertising boards in their subconscious is altering their drug trip experience.
  • It seems odd in the first game how The Trio are built up as the Don's ultimate henchmen, but are actually pretty weak compared to Jack Lupino, who you fight first. However, the game lampshades this by showing Lupino ripped up a letter from the Don threatening him with a visit from The Trio. Clearly he felt quite capable of taking them out. Given that when Max faces him he has an entire nightclub full of cultist-like henchmen, is violently insane and constantly pumped up on a huge dose of a failed super-soldier serum, it makes a lot of sense that he is more dangerous.
  • The Brancos never catch on that Passos is actually Colombian. Why? Spanish and Portuguese share enough similarities that's possible that a speaker of one could learn the other well enough to sound like a native speaker.
  • In the ending of the third game, Max comes to terms with himself and moves on with his life, finally doing something good. A radio report states that "it's dark in some places, but sunny everywhere else", referring to how Max still has some sadness left in him, but is mostly at peace.
  • Max's letting Victor live isn't just an act of self-restraint. If he kills Victor, it would just be a gringo killing people in Brazil. By keeping Victor alive, Max forces the local justice system to act. Punish Victor, and you got a chance at making yourself look good in front of all these people you've ignored. Don't, and you all will go down with him.


  • Fridge Logic: If Valkyr has such high propablity of causing horrible hallucinations, then why is it such a big hit on the streets?
    • It apparently makes you feel fucking awesome before the hallucinations set in.
      • It's also possible consider the trippy portion of the drug to be a selling point. Some of the druggies seem to think the Valkyries are pretty cool.
  • Not really Fridge Logic but maybe Fridge Horror. Max is going to spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing those dozens of security guards isn't he? He doesn't even know Nicole Horne is responsible in this universe.
    • Nah, Max gets away with it (somehow) and is after Nicole Horne after the credits.
  • Dozens of armed thugs roaming around the subway and even breaking into the local bank. Who is the one that should be blamed for Alex's death? Why, Max Payne of course! Clearly the only man who had a gun at the time he died.

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