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Fridge Brilliance

  • A minor thing, but Jack Slater dismisses Benedict by saying "Why am I dealing with a putz like you when I could do something dangerous like rearranging my socks?". How is rearranging one's socks dangerous? Well, when Jack Slater comes home, he shoots his closet, killing the assassin hiding there, and given his blasé reaction to it... He basically resigned himself to the fact that he's gonna shoot assassins hiding in the closet for the rest of his life. Rearranging his socks will forever involve dealing with the assassins hiding in his closet. That's why something as mundane as rearranging one's socks is dangerous according to Jack Slater.

Fridge Horror

  • While action movie characters coming into the real world and deconstructing the fact the normal narrative cliches don't apply...Death, a supernatural entity, keeps his powers in the real world. This implies that the abilities of a fictional character aren't changed, merely how they effect the world around them and vice versa. Had Benedict succeeded in his goals, all the monsters he thought to bring to the real world would've kept their powers...but no longer be confined to the rule of 'the Final Girl wins' or have their victims protected by Plot Armor and in a world that would have no idea how to counter their abilities.

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