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Tear Jerker / Last Action Hero

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  • The flashback to the third Jack Slater movie, where the Ripper kills Jack's son. He later tries to do the same to Danny.
  • Jack Slater's flat. It is only filled with the most basic things like a bed and a wardrobe filled with clothes, guns and Assassins who try to kill him when he enters. There aren't any pictures, posters, or other personal items or decorations. This isn't a place that can be called home in any way. This is simply the (very depressing) place he goes to when he needs a place to sleep or there is nothing else to do. This shows very well how much of a Stepford Smiler he is in what is seen in the movies, unknown to the audience and most likely even the writers.
    • It's this scene where Jack reveals to Danny that he pays a woman to call him at work to help him pretend that his ex-wife actually cares for him. This part reveals that he has, seemingly, no real friends or relatives who care about him. The only exception is his daughter, but she lives with his ex-wife and is so focused on being an Action Girl that she misses out on almost everything in life—even her prom night, which should be one of her major social events in school.
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  • The sheer horror and disbelief when Jack goes to the real world and sees a poster for Jack Slater IV, realizing that Danny was right and he is just a character in a movie. He's later seen raging against the writers and Arnold Schwarzenegger, blaming them for ruining his life.
    Jack: Let us push his son off the building. You will have eternal nightmares, but you are fictional, so who cares?


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