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Danny is a Troper today.
Think about it. At the age of nine, he's already Genre Savvy enough to hang up proverbial lampshades by the dozen. Then he goes through an adventure that's more Troperiffic than any movie he has seen so far which is impressive considering how Troperiffic the Jack Slater movies have already been until then. Now imagine him today, some 30 years old, and most likely a movie addict.
  • Nine. The kid is eleven at youngest. Watch the way he acts around Meredith/Whitney. This kid is obviously already in at least the start of puberty.

The "real world" of Last Action Hero also has some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's roles being played by other actors
Last Action Hero establishes that there have been 4 Jack Slater movies, which probably means that at least 4 movies that Arnold made in our world would have other actors in his roles due to his commitments to Jack Slater leaving him unable to take those roles.

The Last Action Hero doesn't parody only action films...
The scenes set in the "real world" are actually a clever satire of Film Noir. Consider- it's almost always night and it constantly rains. The movie theater is falling apart and appears to have its doors ripped from some Gothic keep. Criminals are able to kill openly in the streets and the police never arrive. The villain manages to outwit the hero and shoot him in their final confrontation. No one even cares that Death himself walks the streets, because Danny has simply jumped from one genre pastiche to another!
  • Well, the ones who saw him come out of the screen were rather scared. Everybody else probably just assumed he was some guy in a costume. On the other hand, one has to ask what difference Death's being personified in any world would make whether anyone noticed him or not. Wouldn't he just go on plying his trade the same as before, which was pretty much what he did in this movie?

Related to the previous theory: there is no "realest" world at all.
Slater believes his world is real. So does Danny. It's possible that both universes are Mutually Fictional, with Slater living in an action movie universe and Danny in a film noir universe. There is no universe that's "more real" than the others — they simply work by different laws of fiction.
  • What does that make Earth Prime (our universe)?
    • A place with an Author with enough of a sense of irony/humor to build a world that could contain all genres of stories, some real and some fictional.

Benedict's plan to bring together all the villains would have failed.
Why? Who the hell is this guy to them? Why would any of them follow that guy? Why would they believe him? How could he keep them under control? And why wouldn't some of them just eat him?
  • Considering how frighteningly quickly Benedict figured out the rules of the real world, including how to manipulate them to his advantage, I feel comfortable assuming that before he collected these guys he'd have figured out a means of control. Even King Kong is manageable if you remember to stop by any place that has giant mecha.
  • This troper gets the impression that he can control them as long as he holds the ticket.

Tom Noonan gets arrested for murdering his agent.
He shows up in full Ripper regalia, acting all killer-y. Then, his agent is found dead from an axe wound. Any witness would say, "last time I saw him, he was walking to a secluded area with Tom." Mr. Noonan is royally screwed. He does have hope, though. He was seen showing up at the premier a few minutes later as himself (I think even with his wife). This would lend plenty of credence to an argument that the Ripper was some sick imposter. Hell, eventually someone's going to check up on the downed power lines on the roof and find the Ripper's body. How the world will react when it becomes known that this deranged lunatic has the same finger prints, dental records, and DNA as famed character actor Tom Noonan is not known. To put it simply, Tom's got some bad times ahead.
  • The Ripper's corpse would have been found up on the roof, presumably, which then goes on to create a real headscratcher for the world as to how this guy is identical to Tom Noonan in every way.

Jack Slater is a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of McBain.
Let's face it, this is the closest we'll ever see to a real McBain movie.

The action sequences that Danny gets dropped into actually do happen in Jack Slater IV
Obviously, the action sequences and the various parts of the setpieces had to have unfolded in the actual movie the way we see them when Danny gets dropped in, but perhaps altered as they'd unfold differently without Danny's presence: for instance, the scene where Benedict and his henchmen interrogate Danny at Slater's daughter's house probably happens in
Jack Slater IV, but Benedict is coming to interrogate Slater himself. So Benedict's Sherlock Holmes remark and question about how Danny knows him probably asked albeit in a different form.

The same rule of logic also applies to both the car chase at the start of Jack Slater IV and the rooftop funeral later in the movie.

The death of Jack's son destroyed his marriage.
They were no doubt married prior to that event but the death of his son was what caused Jack's life to go into a downward spiral; his wife resents him because his lifestyle was what cost them the life of their son. And no doubt robbed their daughter a chance to have a normal childhood. She couldn't bare to look at the same guy she felt was just as responsible for their son dying as The Ripper was. So she broke off the marriage and start a new life without Jack.

Danny grew up to be Jay of The View Askewniverse
And continues to get into wacky adventures but this time he has a friend in Silent Bob to join him.
  • As funny as it is, it's jossed for the fact that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back features a scene that takes place in 1970s that shows how Jay and Silent Bob met.

At some point in the near future, this will be rebooted.
And, knowing Hollywood, they'll cast Dwayne Johnson as Jack.
  • Both in and out-of-universe.

Benedict is Tywin Lannister from the TV series Game of Thrones.
Benedict wasn't killed by the explosion but transported to Westeros, where his ability to quickly learn and adapt to the rules of fictional and non-fictional worlds and ruthless personality allowed him to rise in power to become the ruthless feudal lord Tywin Lannister.This is supported by:
  • Danny was saved from an explosion that should have killed him by the ticket transporting him to another world, why wouldn't it do the same for Benedict?
  • If Benedict replaced Tywin in the tv series version of Westeros this would explain why he looks so different from the version of Tywin from The Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Whitney would have been Jack's sidekick in Jack Slater IV if Danny hadn't showed up.
If Danny hadn't ended up in the film, Jack's daughter Whitney would have been Jack's sidekick for the film. This would explain why Whitney was featured in the promotional standee (if she was a one-scene wonder, she wouldn't have been featured in any promotional material). The whole setup with kissing the French student makes sense in a comedic stance, so she would have still applied to the "comedic sidekick" trope that Danny recognizes himself as while also being the bad-ass sidekick as well.

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