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Fridge Brilliance

  • In one of the promos, the trio is seen fighting at no one, which doesn't makes sense at that time. However, Hiroyo states in the end of Episode 1 that their fighting as the Akibarangers are all delusions. Cue Big WHAT by Nobuo.
  • The girly girl Moegi sounding like a guy when the ears come off may be a subtle jab at the high gender differences in yellow rangers. Especially when considering the Power Rangers.
  • Kabukicho coming back to life as the Monster of the Week for #5 makes a lot more sense when you realize that the Akibarangers were having a delusion that Yumeria's mom, who died five years ago, was visiting.
    • Which also explains Hakase's somewhat random mention of Queen Hedrian during the credits - the closest we've gotten to a formal In Memoriam to Machiko Soga.
  • The three of them were chosen because their "talents" were complementary:
    • Akagi is always thinking about scenarios in his head, in other words he has a narrative imagination;
    • Yumeria draws manga, which means she has a visual imagination;
    • Mitsuki is a martial artist, which gives her a physical imagination.
      Each of them contribute in their own way to making the delusion world work (for instance, Akagi could have imagined himself as a sentai hero, but he could not have thought up the costumes). In addition, it mirrors the roles of the three key people in a toku production: the writer, the designer and the director (with Hiroyo as the producer).
      • Going into season 2, while we do see that Luna is chosen to be the new Akiba Blue mostly because her name matches the Theme Naming, the fact that she's an aspiring Idol Singer means that she has a musical/rhythmic imagination, which ties in to the music and fight choreography needed for a Sentai series.
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  • Akagi's fight in episode #9 in the real world is probably the most one sided battle thus far to go the heroes way. Why? It's the first transformation in the real world, just like every other Sentai hero's first transformation results in the monster and their mooks getting curbstomped.
  • The most likely reason that Marushina has the ability to disguise her voice is that she was made to be an anime character, but she never got animated and thus doesn't have an official voice actress. Thus, she can sound like whatever she wants.
  • Nobuo, realizing that a giant robot battle is one of the flags to triggering the end of the show, decides to destroy the Itasha. However, this just triggers another flag: The infamous "Sacrifice the Zords" flag. It's not pointed out in the show, so it's here.
  • In the end, the fact that the show ended after 12 episodes and a clip show, seemingly meaning that the heroes failed in their quest to break free of Hatte Saburo's control, actually means that they succeeded. After all, failing to defeat their true enemy is something that's never happened in Super Sentai before (though it has happened in Power Rangers, as in Mighty Morphin and Turbo). If they had gotten the show to continue, not only would that be bringing them more in line with the official Sentai series, but it wouldn't even really be winning since Toei would still be running the making of the show. The only way to really escape is for the show to end, leaving its fans to imagine the further adventures of the Akibarangers and thus making their future up for grabs.
    • Of course, now there's a second season, so... maybe that's not what they were going for.
      • Well, it's in alternate universe where they defeated the Blatantly Evil Guerilla Marketing Firm B before they broke the wall that's apparently the fourth, so who knows at this point
      • Given the nature of the show, the second season's retconning of the latter half of the first season might count as a Cosmic Retcon by Saburo Hatte, and it might be possible that the Akibarangers will regain their awareness of the fourth wall at some point.
      • 2-11 confirms that Malshina never forgot and was the one really behind Season 2, at which point she reminds Nobuo and Yumeria about Season 1.
  • When Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger show up as the "Powerful Rangers" they act like total assholes. Now at first this seems like Japan making fun of America but then you realize that Geki and Burai have become teenagers with attitude!
    • Why the name change to Powerful Rangers? Power Rangers also had their history changed.
  • The only part of the man in the hospital we see is a hand. Now, who else has only shown his hand?
  • When the Akibaranger keys were announced, it was stated that they would be incompatible with all the versions of the mobirates (and presumably any other toy designed to accept ranger keys)... which makes sense. They're unofficial rangers, so it's only natural that the official rangers' gear wouldn't recognize them.
    • This does raise a question for me though... If unofficial Ranger keys do not work, then why do non-Ranger keys (I.E. Metal Heroes) work? I don't know if that is the case with the toys, it's more of an in-universe question, but I feel it's valid...
      • Because in the universe of Akibaranger, they're just DX Ranger Keys, the kind you'd get in a toy store, not the mythical "powered by one's spirit" kind that the Gokaigers use.
  • Why are the deceased Rangers appearing to bring Akibaranger home comprised of AbareKiller, TimeFire and Yellow Four instead of DragonRanger? Because the turning of Zyuranger into Powerful Rangers retconned Burai's death, since Tommy never died.
  • Of course Gosei Sentai Akibaranger was doomed to flop. The show took Dairanger's place in an era where Sentai was hitting a big decline starting from around Fiveman. The same decline that Ohranger was blamed for causing and the same one that Carranger allegedly save.
  • Ancient Chinese has a custom whereby married woman must have their hairs tied up. Not sure if this is applicable to Japan but it does explain why Yumeria transformed mode looked as such in Season 2.

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