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Season 1

  • The opening alone is chock full of funny moments.
    • Nobuo swinging around a pair of sai in one of his imagine spots, which turn out to be ice cream cones that are promptly dropped onto the ground.
    • Mitsuki practicing her martial arts, which ends with her punching a glass window and hurting her hand. (Thankfully, the glass didn't shatter.)
    • Akiba Red jumps heroically off a cliff and promptly gets run over by a truck.
    • The Akibarangers running heroically into the heat of battle... only to have Akiba Yellow trip on a rock.
  • #1: Nobuo's first attempt at heroism, when he tries to stop a snatch theft, and succeeds... except it's just an Imagine Spot, he's blacked out temporarily as he fell off his bike before even getting there. What really tears it is the supposed robbery victim taking his bike and hurling it at the robber herself!
    • When asked to head inside the car, Nobuo looks at the darkening clouds and suspects an Alien Invasion... Turns out it's rain.
    • "Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash!"
    • When they all do their pose, Nobuo is serious, Mitsuki is startled, and Yumeria is jumping around excited. Then a multicoloured explosion bursts out from behind them; Mitsuki almost falls over in shock, Yumeria is awestruck, and Nobuo, not breaking his pose, nods in approval.
    • They are on high alert for the monster to grow after they defeated it... and stay waiting as the sun sets.
  • #2: The Naked People Are Funny trope is in full effect when male otakus lose their clothes.
    • The fake Deka Red's "Speech" to Nobuo.
    • The team leaving the Cafe in grand style driving Machine Itasshar... only to promptly get stuck in awful Akihabara traffic.
    • Itasshar Robo chickening out from doing a "cool finishing move" and running away from the Rangers, because they don't have enough Delusion Power.
  • #3: The Running Gag where Nobuo falls every time for the same trick of the villains, and resident Yaoi Fangirl Yumeria fainting at the sight of the Ho Yay between the Monster of the Week and Nobuo.
    • Bouken Red giving the Inordinate Power to Akiba Blue involves groping her chest before transforming.
    • Nobuo berating Mitsuki for saying "Bouken Ranger" instead of Boukenger. When she states her confusion of the matter, he calls her a noob and says that everyone else got over it after Hurricaneger.
  • #4: Every time when Nobuo and Yumeria try to snap out of delusions, but especially when Nobuo is in a queue for a kebab shop and suddenly screams about food being impossible to turn into sand (like what happened in episode 34 of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, as duly noted), thereby confusing the other customers greatly.
    • This line from Nobuo right afterwards.
    • Yumeria tries out different cosplays, she gathers more and more guys around her.
      • Made even better when she ask Nobuo for the next cosplay, the guys all tell him to hurry up.
      • Nobuo trying to match the proper girl with the right cosplay outfit and then ending with 3 Maruseenas
    • Nobuo and Yumeria's attempts to de-brainwash Mitsuki, which is really Maruseena in disguise. These include:
      • Nobuo telling her to hit him... which she does in the form of a sharp kick in the stomach.
      • Nobuo reminding her that they share an interest in Aoi-tan.
      • Yumeria tries to cry for Mitsuki, only to realize that she can't see her tears through her helmet.
      • Nobuo hugs Mitsuki, only for her to cry out "PERVERT!" and punch and kick him away.
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    • Nobuo attempts to do a "running-alongside" fight with Maruseena's crony of the week, only to immediately run right into a tree.
    • After the real Mitsuki shows up, they go to do the roll call and pose. Instead of a big explosion, this time the Akibaranger logo appears behind them and it's still enough to freak the girls out.
    • Nobuo begins to think of Sayaka cosplaying as Sayaka from Dengeki Sentai Changeman. This rolls in with Hilarious in Hindsight, since the chorus for the theme song just happened to start off with "OH YES!", exactly summing up Nobuo's reaction.
  • #5: While Mitsuki remarks upon seeing Yumeria's room "It's the room of an Otaku," Nobuo says "It's the room of a girl!"
    • Nobuo reacts with horror to Yumeria's BL stash.
    • Nobuo's Imagine Spot on him faking being Yumeria's boyfriend, and Sayaka found out. Nobuo had a Freak Out.
    • People take pictures of Yumeria and her mother cosplaying, then turn and take pictures of Mitsuki just because she's leaning back.
      • "I'm not cosplaying!!!"
    • Mitsuki picks up an Aoi-tan doujinshi, thinking it's an official manga, which Nobuo promptly swats from her hand, telling her she shouldn't open it.
    • Nobuo gets slapped because he saw Yumeria's underwearo.O . It's off-screen, but we see the resulting hand print on his face.
    • As each Akibaranger does their individual roll call they each get startled when a colored smoke explosion goes off behind them. It even interrupts Moegi's very long introduction.
      • When the Akibarangers do their team pose, the explosion never comes. And when they realize it, THEN the explosion goes off, making them beg for do-overs, but the Monster of the Week denies it.
        "No do-overs!"
    • In the ending, Yumeria gets her own birthday cake thrown into the face.
  • #6: Usually in Super Sentai, there is one standard plot where the villains torment the heroes by sending them from one movie world to the next, but in this episode the heroes do it to the villains to hilarious effect.
    • At the end of the episode, Marushina appears in the real world and holds her hand out toward the heroes. They brace themselves, preparing for whatever attack she's going to throw at them... and then the cab that she was hailing pulls up and she gets inside.
  • #7: Yumeria pretending to Force Choke Akagi, complete with lightning shooting from her fingertips.
    • During Yumeria and Mitsuki's reenactment of a scene from ''Z-Cune Aoi" there are two funny background events:
      • Kozkoz and another employee practicing a dance
      • At the scene's climax it becomes a funny foreground event as a patron mouths the words to the scene while holding an Aoi-tan figure.
    • During the group pose, Mitsuki interrupts to point out Malsheena isn't there. Akagi is devastated as the roll call was ruined.
    • Just before that, Malshina's "vampire" attack...
  • #8: The Monster of the Week is so pathetic, the Akibarangers train it, including Training Montage, to have a more spectacular fight... That and to get noticed by Toei.
    • In fact, this turns out to be said monster's plan all along, and he intends to use his newfound strength to kill the Akibarangers when they're too emotionally attached to him to fight back. Unfortunately for him, he plays his part too well, and they treat him like a Worthy Opponent instead, figuring it would be an insult to hold back.
    • Same episode, Malshina got tired of waiting for the Training Montage that we see her smoking tons of smokes... and ends with her getting arrested by the police for smoking in public.
    • After 8 episodes, the Akibarangers get their roll call perfect and they immediately celebrate this accomplishment.
  • #9: "I can suddenly relate to Abare Pink! Oink."
    • When they find that Hiroyo is the voice actress of Aoi-tan. Mitsuki asks her to say something in Aoi's voice and a very serious and focused Hiroyo replies "Quiet! This is not the time for that"... in Aoi's voice.
  • #10, Kozkoz suddenly turns The Voiceless when trying to point out Takuma Tsuzuki's resemblance to Retsu/Geki Blue - and getting shot down right away. (It's a meta gag as well, since both characters are not played by the same actor, but real life twinsnote .)
    • Really any time Takuma Tsuzuki shows up. All attention is focused to him and Akagi is completly ignored.
    • After nailing their roll call down perfectly twice, the Akibarangers mess it up again when, during Akiba Blue's long introduction, she preforms a leg sweep that takes Akiba Red out.
    • Kozkoz speaking some OK English after the Pentagon calls the Secret Base.
  • #11: When Akagi tries to prove to the others that they're in a TV show he waits for the action to calm down, then proceeds to grab the contest scroll as it passes by.
    • At the end of the episode when the "To be Continued" line appears at the bottom, you can see Mitsuki looking at it.
    • Takuma's super-quick exit.
    • Yumeria's reaction when she realizes she's not in cosplay.
  • #12: The Akibarangers' final enemy? The End. No really, their last enemy is literally the "The End" message. And after they seemingly defeat it, the Akibarangers notice someone in the back... who turns out to be Saburo Hatte himself, deciding that it's a wrap and putting their hand on the camera, much to the Rangers' dismay.
  • #13: The Akibarangers and Hakase view their own Clip Show, until...
    Nobuo: "Wait a minute. The Clip Show is another way of padding out the season finale! HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN DOING THIS?!
    Hakase: "About twenty minutes..."
    • The realization that literally everything in the last few episodes was thrown in for no reason but to get the fans to petition the studio for a second season.

Season 2

  • #1: Akagi has a dream of fighting against Malsheena and Delu Knight along side Mitsuki and Moegi when they are assisted by Figuarts versions of the Dekarangers, Boukengers and Jetman.
    • The intro for the new season is very half-hearted with half of it being storyboard drawings and toys while Halko Momoi can not seem to be bothered to sing actual lyrics!
    • Akagi and Hakase reminisce on the past events and we find that quite a few things become hilariously retconned. These include:
      • Mitsuki beating the MOTW from episode 3 wearing nothing but a white bikini (At least according to a drawing from a drunken Moegi.
      • Akagi's cosplay delusions feature different characters, such as Mari Gold, White Racer and Furabiijo.
      • Mitsuki being attacked by the U.S. Army instead of Akagi (Complete with awful dub-over).
      • Delu-Knight was the pervert trying to assault Moegi.
      • Mitsuki being scouted by the Pentagon instead of Akagi.
      • The final, climatic battle between the Akibarangers and Malsheena and Delu-Knight where they get help from the real Dekarangers, Boukengers and Jetman.
      • And during that battle, Kokoro wa Tamago is playing.
      • An obvious Figuart of the Itassha Robo fighting Malsheena's giant Robo.
    • And to cap the episode off Akibaranger has become official...........and it has replaced Dairanger!
  • #2: Nobuo, Hakase, and Kozkoz go to a karaoke place, and:
    • The Dairanger theme song has been replaced with the "Gosei Sentai Akibaranger" theme. They try singing it anyway and get excited when the Dairanger music does start playing, only for their hopes to be dashed when the karaoke lyrics are totally different. "MOUSOU DAAAAA!"
    • Nobuo then runs into the villain, General Tsu, singing a one-shot insert song from Denshi Sentai Denziman, The others come in to keep him from interrupting, but then they look totally baffled at General Tsu before going back to scolding Nobuo.
    • The constant stop-and-go nature of their first role-call with Luna, as they try to reconcile their different realities regarding the Akibarangers.
  • #3. You know in Little Nicky when they summoned Ozzy Osbourne? Well, Kiba Ranger can deliver his signature Midare Yamabiko by summoning TWO sentai theme singers, Yukio Yamagata and MoJo.
    • The Akibarangers attempt to recreate the Dairanger opening using a TV frame, a strung cardboard Ryuseioh, a bunch of hand-drawn masks and pictures (one of which is displayed backwards!), and an exercise bike.
    • The Akibarangers finally go to an ersatz Wikipedia and learn more about Gosei Sentai Akibaranger... specifically, that it was written by Naruhisa Arakawa and was a total ratings bomb right at the start, that Toshiki Inoue was brought in to salvage things, and ultimately was cancelled after only 13 episodes, being looked back upon as the darkest period in Super Sentai's production (citation needed).
      • Made even funnier when you realize that the episode (and series) was written by Naruhisa Arakawa, meaning he essentially pokes fun at himself.
      • To amp it up, Nobuo then realizes that the poster of official Akibaranger is plastered with 'wwwww's AKA the Japanese equivalent of 'LOL', thus realizing that this was all Malshina's plot to shame them further.
  • #4: When Nobuo discovers that he missed out on Yumeria/Yuuko's wedding, he laments that if he'd known he would have shown up to the wedding dressed like an evil minion and tried to kidnap the bride so her husband could come beat him up and rescue her. Turns out, this is exactly why he wasn't invited.
    • Even better? Yumeria was trying to tell this earlier, but who's the one always interrupting her speeches during role call?
  • #5: Just the first interaction between the Akibarangers and the Powerful Rangers, complete with gratuitous English/Japanese.
  • #8: General Pain is pulled out of the Delusion by none other than Nobuo's boss.
  • #10: When Luna makes her typical idol finger pose, a visibly annoyed Nobuo puts her ring finger up.
  • #11: Luna keeps falling asleep during the exposition…
    • Justified in that it's Malshina reminding them of Season 1, which Luna wasn't around for. Still hilarious, though.

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