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Film / The Pet

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The Pet is a movie about BDSM in relation to modern day slavery. As can be expected, not many in the BDSM lifestyle appreciate it, though others appreciate it as a story about power dynamics going too far.

It's about a down on her luck woman named Mary being targeted by an evil rich guy named Phillip, who persuades her to become his pet to replace his dead dog Tara. Phillip is actually part of an organization of human traffickers who enslave women, train them as pets, and have their organs harvested. Though he comes to care for Mary (or GG, as he renames her), he can't help putting her up for market just to see how much she's worth, never intending to actually sell her. This attracts the attention of others given GG is in fine physical health. One of the slavers steals the coin indicating Phillip's ownership of GG and tries to buy her, sending a group of slavers to abduct her from Phillip's estate. Phillip chases them off, but not before they inject GG with a slow-acting drug that kills her overnight.


This movie contains examples of: