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"You know these worlds, but they don't know each other. You've been here before - but you don't know this story."
Convergence's description.

The Convergence series is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction series, currently consisting of Convergence and Convergence: Downtime.

The series is a crossover between The Avatar of Albion and The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, written primarily by Doctor Fluffy and Jed R (respectively, one of Spectrum's team and the main author of AOA), with contributions by redskin122004 (Spectrum's creator), other Spectrum-crew members such as TheIdiot and Sledge115, and AOA team members RoyalPsycho and The Void.

The crossover takes place when David Elliot, the eponymous Avatar, is sent to the Spectrumverse's Boston shortly before the arrival of Queen Celestia. From there, the two universes form an alliance, as darker forces gather to oppose them…



  • A God Am I: Solamina and Queen Celestia both declare themselves to be this.
  • A God I Am Not: AOA's Operative Heartstrings is forced to make this distinction when dealing with those who worship her Spectrum self.
    "Alright, whatever 'oh my God it's the messiah' thing you have going on, please stop. I'm not your Lyra. I'm not the messiah."

  • Affably Evil:
    • Solamina is demonstrated to be polite and almost friendly to those she considers her equal, as is Queen Celestia ( at least until she starts being threatening instead).
    • Morgause is usually polite, albeit slightly sarcastic.
  • Alternate Universe: This story is an AU of the original Avatar of Albion, taking place at the beginning of that story's chronology.
  • Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome: Elliot's entire reaction to the sheer crazy shit Spectrum has is… well, this.
    • Inverted slightly by the Spectrum reaction to Elliot using his power to take on a hundred or more Newfoals single handedly:
    "That was impressive. Kind of stupid for going it alone, but still impressive."
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: happens quite often.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Doctor Who is a show in Spectrumverse, but there are already multiple Doctors present.
    • Averted by AOA's Earth, where Doctor Who is replaced by a Suspiciously Similar Substitute. Added InJoke on the author's part: the substitute is called Professor X, a name for a show within Doctor Who continuity seen in novels during the 90's.
  • Crossover: Obviously.
    • Several versions of the Doctor appear, including the War Doctor Hooves from AOA, "Dr Richard Bowman" (Jed R's fan Doctor), and at least two versions of Spectrum's Doctor Whooves.
    • DisQord is Q from Star Trek The Next Generation.
  • Dead Fic: Maybe, Doctor Fluffy has stated that he has no plans on finishing this story as he's still affected by the fallout of the original group. Also, he considers the original Spectrumverse "broken on a fundamental level".
    • Jed R and Fluffy have stated that a reboot set in the rebooted Spectrumverse may still happen.
  • Evil vs. Evil: AOA's Empress Astra Solamina Maxima and Spectrum's Queen Celestia have a chat. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Fish out of Water: Likely a case of Fish out of Temporal Water, in Elliot's case, since he finds himself in a vastly different world.
  • Gorn: The description of the Avatar punching the Celestia clone's head off.
  • InJoke: Kraber and Aegis call the War Doctor Hooves "John Hurt Pony". He doesn't get the reference.

    • When discussing the Suspiciously Similar Substitute of Doctor Who, Elliot references an episode of "Professor X" called "Hour of the Professor", which had Ian Holm ("that guy from Alien") in it.
  • In-Series Nickname: Discord calls the true power that Solamina wields her "black squiggly".
  • No Endor Holocaust: Lampshaded when Kellman points out that the landing of portal island should have obliterated landmasses and raised sea levels. Elliot then explains why no one cared.
    "Do I look like a geography student or a bloody climatologist? We always assumed it was just magic. Because, you know, magic. Pastel ponies were a bigger deal than an island smaller than diddly squit appearing, and that was before the Barrier started expanding."

  • No-Sell: Elliot is completely immune to both the Solaminan Empire's potion, and the Solar Empire equivalent, though the latter makes him itch.
  • Only Sane Man: Aegis, and Kraber. The latter is pretty bizarre, considering his characterization in the source material, but they're the only ones that easily accept Elliot's from another world.
  • Original Character: We're introduced to some new characters from the Spectrumverse, in the form of First Lieutenant Winston and his team.
  • Physical God: The Avatar is demonstrated to be incredibly powerful.
  • Sarcastic Devotee: Morgause for the Solar Empire.
  • Ship Tease: AOA Lyra and David Elliot.

     Convergence: Downtime. 

A side-story to Convergence, set in "Downtime" Equus as characters from the Spectrumverse, aided by the AOA version of Discord - or rather, DisQord - and the War Doctor Hooves, prepare for the coming conflict.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pinkie knows that moles will be involved. The AOA Equestria's history has moles exist, having appeared in Bittersweet Victory.
    "I thought it was called the hype-ebonics rhyme chamber."

  • Good Is Not Nice: DisQord makes a point of informing the Downtime Mane Six that their counterparts from Solamina's Equus are dead. He then makes a point of sending them to a pocket dimension, letting them fight monsters of his creation, and letting them die - even killing Rainbow when she attacks him - only to bring them all back, just to teach them that they can lose and die, a lesson they arguably already knew.
  • InJoke: Lyra references Twilight's track record on things not existing - this is both a reference to the show, where Twilight doesn't believe the Pinkie sense exists, and a reference to Spectrum, where Twilight didn't believe humans existed.
    • Twilight also references Jorogumo. Word of God says they're real.