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Invader Zim has a tons:

  • The Tallest tell Zim his mission was a fake (and he believes them for some reason). Zim will usually get angsty, and either a.) kill himself, b.) be comforted by Dib (resulting in either friendship or sex) or c.) he'll fight against the Tallest, either to take over the empire himself or because he's now opposed to them on principle. Hilariously, Zim does at least inadvertently discover that the Tallest have no plans to come to Earth in Enter the Florpus. He even spends some time sulking about it before Taking a Fourth Option.
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  • Dib realizes humanity stinks and decides to help Zim conquer/destroy the planet. Usually results in sex.
  • Tak returns to Earth and she and Dib get together, or else crashes back to Earth and decides to team up with Zim.
  • invoked A new girl winds up in Ms. Bitters' class. She will either turn out to be an Irken and (unlike Tak) actually fall for Zim or Dib, or be a human that believes Dib about Zim and subsequently falls in love with him.
  • Dib kills Zim, or Zim destroys the world, and then angsts about it.
  • Fics based on the unfinished episodes, particularly "Invader Dib" in an attempt to "finish" the series, are common. That the creators were fairly open about what they had planned for future episodes means quite a bit of available material for these.
  • Many stories have an explanation for why Irken babies are created in test tubes: the Tallest don't let Irkens have kids, the Tallest only let the strongest Irkens have kids, the Irkens have evolved all wrong and now they're no longer able to reproduce, etc. Notably this, and the problems it creates, is the basis for In Short Supply.
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  • Gaz's supernatural powers go way beyond those shown in the somewhat-jokingly-portrayed canon. There are even many fics where she either a) Teams up with Zim to destroy the world resulting in friendship or sex, or b) simply kills everyone on the show.
  • There's a small but popular number of stories where Gaz suffers Laser-Guided Karma for the nasty personality she portrays in the canon of the original series. The most prolific creators of those are ZimsMostLoyalServant and Dibsthe1.
  • Zim is dying or otherwise in pain and Dib angsts over whether or not he should be saving him. May only take up a small portion of the plot or be the entire premise. Usually leads to ZADF (Zim and Dib Friendship).
  • Dib is either transformed into an Irken or finds out that he has been partly or entirely Irken all along, owing to some combination of his Missing Mom being Irken, Prof. Membrane himself being a disguised Irken, or Irken experimentation by Prof. Membrane (extrapolating from a considered plot about Dib as Artificial Family Member). Irken Gaz is optional (but fun: "I've got a squeediliyspooch").
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  • Zim and anyone he is shipped with will eventually become the new Tallests. This goes nicely with the common Hand Wave of making Irkens a Heavyworlder species in order to allow Zim to eventually reach human adult size in stories set during High Skool or later.

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