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Fog in my Windshield is a Self-Insert crossover fanfic of Code Geass and Arpeggio of Blue Steel written by Einsig.

A guy from the real-world is drafted by the Admiralty Code and turned into a Fog ship. S/He is then (for unknown reasons) dumped into the world of Code Geass shortly prior to the Battle of Narita.

Designated Union Core A248-580-300G, the SI takes on the name "Morgan" and sets out to be the most effective incompetent warship she can be.


As of April 26, 2015 the story is declared by the author to be canceled and pending for a reboot.

Contains examples of:

  • American Accents: Xanthus speaks in a gruff Baltimore accent.
  • Asexual: Alexis/Morgan. Comes up after a couple days of Milly and Shirley constantly questioning her about romantic gossip, until she finally gets fed up with it. By extension, this applies to all Fog ships.
  • Blind Weaponmaster: Though not exactly a warrior, but Nunnally is surprisingly very good at fighting games as 2D fighters are one of the few kinds of video games that are naturally suited for blind people and Nunnally spent months learning it.
  • Blood Knight: Morgan has a realization that she is beginning to enjoy destroying her enemies, due to her nature as a Fog ship. The fact troubles her.
    • She eventually rationalizes this away as the fault of her mental model and its human nature, not that the ships themselves have any actual instincts.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Xanthus is an example of most Fog ships. They lack any understanding or concern for human morality and don't bother themselves with how their blockade has affected humanity. As far as they are concerned, they were told to do something and they will continue doing it until told otherwise.
    • Xanthus herself considers her job as a repair ship to be the only thing of relevance to her. She doesn't even see the blockade as any of her business.
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  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Morgan's Fog-augmented Ghost Tiger Tank decimated at least three dozen Britannian Knightmares at Narita, and was able to face off against Suzaku's Lancelot while trying not to kill him.
  • The Engineer: Xanthus is based on her namesake repair ship class.
    • Also The Napoleon as her mental mode is a short-sized engineer. She became very offended when Kallen asked her if she is a "dwarf".
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Morgan/Alexis briefly fell into "weird ship girl emotions" when she met Milly for the first time, inwardly complaining that her mental model isn't as attractive as Milly. She soon starts being extremely angry just from thinking of Milly.
  • It Amused Me: Apparently one of the Admiralty Code's reasons for recruiting Morgan.
  • It's All About Me: Lelouch strokes up his inflated ego when Morgan brought up her purpose for allying with him. But he then makes a dick move when asking Kallen "Is Zero an even greater paragon in your mind than before?" in which he receives a gobsmacked punch from her. This was actually an act to make Morgan believed that he is really that prideful, but Kallen's fist was real enough.
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  • Metaphorically True: Morgan does explain to Zero, C.C., and Kallen that she is a Fog ship and the Fleet of Fog are extraterrestrial in nature, but she does not tell them about her exact origins or that the Fleet has dealt with humans before from another Earth.
  • Modesty Shorts: Morgan/Alexis confirmed that Ashford Academy female student uniforms do not have magic skirts, but skorts.
  • No Name Given: The Ashford girl that Lelouch Geassed into writing on the wall every day at a certain time is given the name Agatha Cromwell.
  • Off the Rails: Morgan is made cautiously aware of the potential consequences she is causing that could either benefit or worsen the original plot of Code Geass.
  • Reality Ensues: At Narita, Morgan quickly came to realize that she is killing enemies that are regular people rather than simple Red Shirt Mooks. She briefly suffers Heroic BSoD for her troubles.
  • Saying Too Much: During Morgan's conversation with Zero she not only runs her mouth off of his identity but also his reasons for protecting his sister, his exile, and his mother's death (all in the presence of Kallen), which Zero immediately draws his gun on her for.
  • Secret Identity: Morgan's Ashford Academy student identity: Alexis Meredith Feirin.
  • Self-Mutilation Demonstration: To prove Zero/Leluoch, C.C., and Kallen that she is a Fog ship, Morgan shot herself in the neck. The Healing Factor kicks in, but unfortunately Morgan wasn't hardened for battle. Due to her core being not powerful enough, she actually felt the bullet.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product: Knights of Honor 4 is a Britannian alternate universe Expy of Medal of Honor.
  • Shout-Out: Urge. To horribly. Maim. Rising.
  • The Stations of the Canon: Morgan prevented the Black Knights from causing the landslide at Narita, thereby preventing the death of Shirley's father and preventing needlessly civilian loss of lives. This also prevents Jeremiah from becoming a Geass-cancelling cyborg and Villetta never discovering Lelouch's identity nor becoming the Amnesiac Lover of Ohgi.
    • Kallen is made in the know of Zero/Lelouch's secret life, but as of yet doesn't know of his royal background.
    • Mao attempts to manipulate Kallen instead of Shirley, but only to get captured by Morgan.
  • Take That!: In-Universe. Xanthus greatly derides the concept of Knightmare Frames while examining the Gurren. Morgan was certain that a Indian scientist just sneezed a few thousand miles away.
  • Tanks for Nothing: Inverted. The Britannians are justifiably dumbfounded when facing Morgan's Ghost Tiger Tank, a vehicle they considered to be an antique in the age of Knightmare Frames.
    • Morgan theorized that the existence of Sakuradite not only made major technological advancement for the world of Code Geass, but allowed the creation of excessively overpowered weapons, such as magnetic accelerators, that effectively made heavy armor tanks useless as front line vehicles in favor of much lighter and more agile Knightmares.
  • Tank Goodness: Morgan's Ghost Tiger Tank.
  • Troll: Morgan/Alexis abuse her drones in catching a picture of Lelouch and Shirley having an intimate kiss and posting said image around Ashford.
    • During the Battle of Narita, Morgan decided to poke fun of Jeremiah's notorious Berserk Button by coloring his Knightmare orange.
  • Wham Line:
    Lelouch: We're not hearing Mao's voice. We're hearing his thoughts.

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