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Fanfic / Disgaea: Gehenna's Holy Queen

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A crossover story between Disgaea and Mahou Sensei Negima!, crafted by Cygnus.

After Negi's adventures in Mundus Magicus, our heroes did not win without sacrifice. One of their own died, and over the years some of class 3-A has either moved on or disappeared entirely.

Three years later, somewhere in the Netherworld, someone wakes up to find out she is a full blooded demon.

Her name is Konoka Konoe.

And she is now one of the most powerful light wielders in all of the Netherworld. Instant Weirdness Magnet, anyone?


Of course, things like that can't go smoothly. Her awakening has attracted the attention of a few interested parties, including some the more famous Evil Overlords. Things get even more complicated as her memories of what happened to her three years ago surface.

So sit back and watch the fireworks fly here.

And because the author confirms and understands that Loads and Loads of Characters is hard to keep up with, here is a useful character sheet. (Note: Under Construction) Also note that I'm trying to keep character specific tropes to the character page, unless they are plot relevant.


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