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Drinking Game / Sesame Street

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In general

  • Take a drink when Abby disappears, uses her wand as a phone, or turns something into a pumpkin.
  • Drink whenever Grover gives a dramatic faint on the ground whenever he either tires himself out or nothing goes right for him.
  • Drink whenever Ernie suggests a crazy game, two sips if Bert doesn't mind.
  • Take a sip whenever one of these characters is freaking out about something oddly specific: Ernie, Bert, Baby Bear or Telly.
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  • Take a sip whenever Bert or Mr. Johnson falls backwards while moaning dramatically.
  • Drink whenever Don Music acts dramatic about not being able to write a song and/or points out a nonsensical lyric.
  • Take a drink when Baby Bear enthuses about porridge or art, Bert about pigeons, bottle caps or paperclips, Cookie Monster about cookies (two if he's talking about some other food), Zoe about ballet, any of the grouches about trash, or Telly about pogo sticks or triangles.
  • Drink whenever something mundane is treated as amazing (such as the "Lever Lover" song).
  • Take a drink whenever Cookie Monster or Niblet eats something they're not allowed to.
    • Take two if the object was a cookie.
  • Drink whenever a character basically repeats what a narrator says. For example:
    Narrator: "Once upon a time there was a girl named Irene who was very bored."
    Girl: "Hi, I'm Irene, and I'm very bored."
  • Take a sip when characters from an in-universe story resemble the actual characters, two if they don't.
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  • Drink whenever a cave person looks like they could be the ancestor of one of the characters.
  • Drink when the Count counts at inopportune times, counts to a ludicrously high number, or says the word "wonderful".
    • If you’re feeling like you want to end your game early, drink every time the Count is counting upwards- for example, drink when he says "one", then "two", and so forth, including any Number of the Day segments.
  • Take a drink when Mrs. Sparklenose from the Abby's Flying Fairy School skits is the victim of slapstick.
    • Drink whenever Gonnigan disappears, two sips if nobody says, "He's gone again".
  • Take a drink whenever Gordon or Maria gives advice.
  • Take a drink when Maria or Luis fixes something, two if it's a toaster, three if they can't.
  • Drink if someone does a Signature Laugh.
  • Take a sip if someone deviates from their normal speech habits (Cookie Monster says, "I" instead of "me" for instance).
  • Drink whenever Anthropomorphic Food acts like it wants to be eaten.
  • Take a drink whenever Mumford does a spell, two sips if it actually works or he uses different magic words from usual.
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  • Drink when the Count's bats are brought up.
  • Take a drink when a letter, number, Animate Inanimate Object or storybook character feels disrespected.
  • Drink whenever someone gets a made-up illness, two sips if the cure doesn't involve resting or abstaining from anything, three if the cure involves neither resting nor abstaining from anything.
  • Take a drink whenever Grover is incompetent at whatever job he's doing.
  • Drink if Zoe claims it's Rocco who has her emotions/thoughts or if Elmo is annoyed by Rocco.
  • Drink for every Shout-Out.
  • Take a drink whenever Sherlock Hemlock's "detective music" plays.
  • Take a drink for every time it's stated that a certain emotion/emotional response is OK.
  • During a Very Special Episode, drink when something unrelated to the main plot happens.
  • Take a sip whenever a fairy tale character that comes to the street is treated like a movie or TV star by the other characters.
  • Take a drink whenever Cookie Monster eats anything- and we do mean anything.
  • Regarding Elmo's World segments:
    • Take a sip when the segment starts.
    • Take a sip whenever Elmo reveals the episode’s subject.
    • Take a sip when a Mr. Noodles segment starts and ends.
    • Take a sip whenever Elmo interviews someone about the segment's subject.
      • Two if it’s a baby or anything similar.
    • Take a sip for any animated segment.
    • Take a sip when Elmo uses his computer.
    • Take a sip when Elmo dresses up as something.
    • Finish your drink when the segment ends.

Individual episodes

  • In "Gabi is Sick on Her Birthday", take a drink (a sip mind you), whenever someone says, "It's OK to be sad if you're sick on your birthday".
  • For the Golden Triangle of Destiny episode, take a drink whenever a Golden Shape of Destiny appears.
  • For "Big Bird and Zoe are Sick on Their Play Date", take a drink whenever Telly's theme plays or someone suggests that Telly might be tired.
  • With "Baby Bear's Hibernation Nap", drink when Baby Bear falls asleep or the sheep do something crazy.
  • In the hurricane episode, drink when Big Bird exclaims, "My nest!" and/or "My home!" or Telly thinks there will be another hurricane.
  • In "Telly and the Mysterious X", drink whenever someone doesn't believe Telly or the X's theme plays.