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Dethroning Moment / The Runaway Guys

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You know how ProtonJon is known for saying "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!"? Well these are the moments that make the viewers go "GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!" Well, all three of them anyway...

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  • fluffything: Although I am a fan of The Runaway Guys, I must admit their latest videos have been hit-n-miss in terms of quality. However, that's not my DMOS. No, my DMOS regarding them takes place in Part 1 of their Fortune Street Delfino Plaza video guest-starring Super Jeenius. In the video, Jon makes a reference to Game Grumps prompting Chuggaa to complain "But they suck!". Now, my issue isn't that Chuggaa doesn't like them. I get that not everyone is a fan. No, the reason why I consider this a DMOS is just how utterly whiny Chuggaa sounds when he says it. Rather than making a witty Take That! towards them or simply choosing to ignore the reference, he opts to whine like a bratty teenager. It's just immature and annoying. Chuggaa has been abnormally obnoxious due to his loudness, over-use of puns (and Pokemon references), and increased Jerkass behavior. But, this utter whininess towards another popular YouTube Let's Play group is, in my opinion, the absolute lowest point for him on The Runaway Guys.
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  • Doc Sharp: Chuggaa's impatience tends to be either hilarious or annoying. In part 5 of Deep Bloober Sea in Mario Party 3, it was exceedingly annoying when Chuggaa wouldn't take the time to slow down and allow Jon to read the rules of the minigame they were going to play, and proceeding to instantly knock out Jon in the minigame proper, causing Jon to rightfully, not the slightest bit hilariously, explode with anger. It was definitely sweet on both their parts to reconcile immediately after Jon's Freak Out, sweeter still for Chuggaa to apologize in the comments section, but it is still a very painful part of the episode to watch.
  • Shadow Da Hedgie: Chugga has caused many of these moments for me, but the one that stands out most at the moment is the most recent one, in the Fashion Plaza of Wii Party U. Chugga gets a good place in a minigame and is allowed to steal a piece of clothing. After spouting some ridiculous reason about Jon being a bigger threat, despite Jon being in last with 9 points, and Chugga in the lead with FORTY, Chugga decides to steal Jon's shoes to complete his own set, while Jon is literally one space away from where he shows off his outfit, therefore having absolutely no way to get a pair of shoes back, which, in my opinion, is just a GIANT dick move. Some might compare this move to a move Jon pulled way, WAY back in Mario Party 2, where he stole a star from Chugga, but it's not really relevant, for several reasons. 1. Jon was in third, if I'm remembering right, and Chugga was in second, so he wasn't stealing from someone lower down than him. Although, admittedly, Chugga was in the lead in the Fashion Plaza and thus had no choice but to steal from someone below him, but could have still completed his outfit by stealing from the A.I. 2. That move actually won Jon the game, Chugga would have had one star more than him had he not done so, and he gave good reasons for doing it while he was stealing it, that being that Chugga was on his way to get another star, and had the coin star, which put Chugga at a total of 3 to the leader's (Tim) 2. And if you look at the results, you will see that Chugga would have still won quite comfortably without stealing Jon's shoes. It's just a huge dethroning moment for me, because, while it admittedly did make a LITTLE bit of sense, it was a totally unnecessary dick move, as opposed to when Jon has pulled similar moves, because they tend to win him the game, whereas in this case, Chugga was going to win anyway.

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