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  • Moments only, no "just everything he said", "the entire episode", or "this entire work," entries.
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  • No natter. As above, anything contesting an entry will be cut, and anything that's just contributing more can be made its own entry.
  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment of Suck.
  • No ALLCAPS, no bold, and no italics unless it's the title of a work. We are not yelling the DMoSs out loud.

  • Bengson 26: ScrewAttack's Top 5 Free-To-Play Games has this moment. Here, Nick says that in Team Fortress 2 (I'm really talking about TF2 a lot here, huh?), weapons with real advantages are locked behind a paywall. This just reeks with Critical Research Failure. First off, while admittedly there is a massive market for weapons in TF2, you could get weapons at random via a drop system. Second, none of the weapons have real advantages since they're sidegrades. Screwattack, there's a rule whenever you make Top 10 lists. It's called do your fucking research!
    • Superfield: Even worse, the TF2 meta holds that the default weapons (with some exceptions) are statistically the best in the game.
  • Sugarp1e1: I didn't appreciate the seventh entry of ScrewAttack's Top 10 Worst Cartoons Based on Video Games list; BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It's not the fact that Nervous Nick doesn't like BlazBlue that's the problem (I've never even played the game or watched the anime). As with my Phantom Strider entry, my problem with this list is his reason for putting it on the list as well as his elitist attitude about the whole thing. He starts the entry off by making it clear that he doesn't like the game's world or story, having a very Play the Game, Skip the Story attitude about it. Okay, fine. But judging by the clips of the anime he used, Alter Memory is actually a pretty faithful adaptation. So why is it bad according to Nick? Because it's a faithful adaptation of a game he never liked to begin with. His bias behind this is clear, what with him spending the entire entry summarizing the story in way that makes it sound even more confusing than it really is (instead of just explaining why he finds it confusing) and ending the entry with him absolutely losing his shit over how much he hates BlazBlue's story (especially the whole Stable Time Loop plot point), claiming "I see BlazBlue for what it really is! It's a mess! I hate it! That's why it's #7." Um, Nick? Are you implying that the people who do like the story are idiotic sheep? To me, it sounds like he's genuinely proclaiming himself to be better than the fans because he can't get past the story. Don't get me wrong; I totally agree that the Stable Time Loop is confusing, especially at the end when the cycle is finally broken, but I wouldn't yell at my audience that "The story sucks!" in a way that suggests my subjective opinion is objective fact. And considering how he goes from screaming his lungs out to calmly moving on to #6, it was Played for Laughs. You probably also noticed that this DMOS sounds more like I'm talking about the game and not the anime. Nick's tirade was the same way. On top of all that, #7 was the only entry on the list that wasn't an adaptation of a game he liked. If he never liked BlazBlue to begin with, then he's in no position to tell us that Alter Memory is a bad adaptation just because it's faithful to the source material.
    • keybladeoverlord: In addition to the above statement about this list, I was displeased with how Nervous Nick put not one, but TWO of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons on the list. First off, while the two shows in question, Sonic Underground at #8 and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog at #3, may not be as great as Sonic SATAM, they still have their fanbases, but it was nothing but nitpicking to an absurd degree, especially when he mentioned the shows' giving Sonic a Trademark Favorite Food which eventually became canon to the games. While I admit both shows had flaws to them, they were still some fun little experiences to watch. I wouldn't be so mad about it if he had stuck to the rule that so many other countdown makers have taken to heart these days, which is the One Entry Per Franchise rule. I also really didn't like his bashing of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, where any legitimate complaints about the show were drowned out by pointless bitching about things like the show having songs, many of which are liked by a LOT of people and gives the show some of its charm.
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  • Rebel Falcon: I'm normally okay with a lot of Screwattacks' Top 10 series, however, as of late, a lot of them either stray off task for the sake of a joke, or are so filled with bias it may as well be a Bias Steamroller. The one that got me to stop liking these Top 10's was their Top 10 Worst Gen II Pokemon. Much like the above example with Blazblue, this list is done by Nervous Nick, and boy does he let his bias show, and allows a joke to derail the list. Well, it has to do with his choices for numbers 9, 6, and 1. What is it? They're all the same Pokemon. Dunsparce. Had he put it once, I'd be fine with it, he just doesn't like Dunsparce, and he has a right not too. Putting it a second time got me to raise an eyebrow. He phrases it as if all of Screwattack dislikes it when it's clearly just him, and says no one would put it on their team unless it was for a joke, insulting those who use Dunsparce. He then tries to justify it by saying Dunsparce is so dumb, that it deserves two spots and no one will have a problem with it. Then it gets worse with #1. He is fully aware putting Dunsparce a third time wouldn't fly, so what's his Loophole Abuse? Put Shiny Dunsparce at #1. He tries to invoke Sincerity Mode by saying no one would want their One In A Million Chance Shiny Pokemon to be a Dunsparce, but he is once again making it seem like his feelings on Dunsparce are universal. Plus, I know plenty of people who'd be happy just to have a Shiny overall. The video isn't even a full Top 10 due to how half-assed it is. So combine this with his feelings on Blazblue above, and I began to realize that while Top 10's are normally based on opinions, Nick takes his too far and treats his opinions like they're universal, and will gladly derail a list for the sake of a joke, even a bad one.

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