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Waiting for the Bus is a play by me, Tidal_Wave_17

Plot: Bus 13 is delayed, so the ten student passengers have to wait outside, forced to tolerate each other. And then they have to wait again for the bus the next day. And then the next day. And then the next day...You get the idea.

The group consists of:

  • Kaleb: An lonely nerd who hates pretty much everyone because they're all annoying. Ends up with Ginny.
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  • Brianne: A very popular girl who likes to gossip about people, just for fun. Has a crush on D.C. and is failing most of her classes. Is best friends with Chelsea. Ends up with Jordan.
  • Chelsea: Brianne's best friend, also popular, but considerably nicer. Also has a crush on D.C. Ends up with D.C.
  • D.C.: A nice, sensitive jock. Is friends with Jazz and Ray. Ends up with Chelsea.
  • Jazz: One of D.C.'s friends, a jock, who likes to tell jokes. Thinks of himself as a real ladies man, even though he's not.
  • Ray: A hippy/skater type friend of D.C. Is very laid back and is a little dimwitted.
  • Reggie: A very creative, sarcastic girl. Friends with Ginny, Echo, and Jordan. Is revealed by Echo to be a lesbian.
  • Echo: A stuttering, shy girl with a crush on D.C. Is best friends with Ginny, Reggie, and Jordan. Doesn't like it when people make fun of her stutter.
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  • Jordan: A depressing boy who writes sad poetry. Is friends with Reggie, Echo, and Ginny. Ends up with Brianne.
  • Ginny: A girl who does track and speaks with a Texan accent. Is usually so tired from track practice that she's usually asleep. Is friends with Jordan, Echo, and Reggie. Ends up with Kaleb.
  • Mr. Armstrong: A teacher who is forced to stay after school to watch the kids, but has to go in the school constantly to talk on his cell phone to his wife, who isn't happy about him staying after school. He ends up quitting his job while arguing with Principal Jones on the intercom.

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