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Think of nearly every FPS and third-person shooter that tries to be semi-realistic released in, oh, the last decade.

Now, think of them mashed up together.

Generic FPS Game... kind of is the product. Mashing up the loads and loads of guns - and their gun accessories - present in Metal Gear Solid 4, Army of Two, Alpha Protocol, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Borderlands (kinda sorta), Modern Warfare 2, and Ghost Recon, the destructibility of structures from Bad Company 2, character-specific perks, weaponry, and distinct armor, the crushing realism of ARMA and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but with fast-paced, jaw-dropping action sequences and a semi-straightforward plot that occasionally busts out the odd conspiracy or two (but not by much), it's a deconstruction, reconstruction, Take That!, Affectionate Parody, and Homage to the semi-realistic shooter oh-so-popular today.


There are six sections of the game:

  • A) Damage Control - Civil war breaks out in Russia. You take control of Yuri Smirnoff, a Corporal in the Russian Army, as he battles the Ultranationalists all over Russia. Call of Duty/Battlefield: Bad Company styled campaign, with no exploration and objective-driven missions, and less tactical planning.) Can be played co-operatively.
  • B) Lost Cause - The real meat of the game. The player selects a total of thirteen characters, all of which are customizable (some more so than others). Set during the aforementioned Civil War, the character washes up on a tropical beach, suffering from amnesia, and finds they've landed in a tropical network of islands that are currently under a five-way free-for-all - the original government (a Banana Republic that heavily relies on Marxism, a Socialist faction with different ideals from the current government (and some arguments as to whether or not they're going to switch to Maoism), North Korea, a wanna-be Mega-Corp seeking to become the first corporate nation, and the criminal underworld. Oh, and the player's own faction, who wants to topple the current president, who, predictably, has run the country into the ground for his own personal game. A free-roamer in the vein of Just Cause, Mercenaries, Borderlands, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and some missions of ARMA. Oh, and Fallout and Far Cry 2 and Boiling Point. And blah blah blah.
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  • C) Condition Zero - Like Damage Control, but with a heavier emphasis on tactical decisions - and allows you to pick a weapon! The player picks the characters from the aforementioned Lost Cause campaign (with some adjustments), selects their weapon, may or may not bring along a squad (but it's recommended), and goes on missions in the vein of classic Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon/SOCOMUS Navy Seals. Can be played as a co-op campaign. Serves as a prequel to Lost Cause, character-wise.
  • D) Skirmish - Call of Duty-styled multiplayer, set during Damage Control. Mercenaries hired by both the Russian government and Ultranationalists duke it out in small maps that can hold up to forty players.
  • E) Ground War - Battlefield series/ARMA/MAG styled multiplayer, also during Damage Control. 300 players, fighting for or against the Russian government, fight for control of vital resources and equipment, or must attack certain objectives in the vein of Unreal Tournament's Assault gamemode. Vehicles, airstrikes, and all sorts of mayhem.
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  • F) Total Conflict - MAG on steroids, or an MMO version of ARMA, if you'd like. An island the size of Taiwan is fought over by various UN-allied countries and, you guessed it, Russian Ultranationalists, who have the help of some anti-UN groups. The war is 24/7, commanded by players and AI characters, non-stop, day and night.

Jack Mackerel is, as you can see, quite unoriginal.

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