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The first portion of the Generic FPS Game.

Civil war breaks out in Russia. While the government's quick to blame Ultranationalists, the Communist Party's been slowly dwindling apart and what Soviet support base is there is... small, to say the least, not to mention a splinter faction of some anti-government radicals couldn't have gotten their hands on money, guns, and soldiers that quickly - and how they're able to show up in cities and hold them, what with countless reports of endless infighting, arguing, and unpopularity amongst civilians.


Enough of that - Excuse Plot thin as it is, Corporal Yuri Smirnoff, along with other members of his squad, are pretty sure this civil war will end in no time. They're slightly right.

A homage to action-driven linear FPS games, like Modern Warfare and Bad Company.

  • Armor Is Useless - Kind of. Depending on the difficulty level (which affects damage taken, how fast is health regenenerated, how much of an HUD you have), you're either equipped with the very best in full-body armor, or wearing regular kevlar.
  • Better Than a Bare Bulb - Yuri and company mock the entire plot of the game, the oddity of the weapons used by both sides, the insane amount of explosions, how much they sound like some idiotic video game protagonists, how in God's name the "Ultranationalists" could acquire weapons and mercenaries damn fast...
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  • Deconstruction - Russian Ultranationalists... don't really fly well with modern Russia. Their numbers, gear, and training are often short, and real, reliable intel and tactics minimize Russian Loyalist casualties a lot. Mercenaries often skip out due to shortages in Ultranationalist money - and especially because not many trillionares, for obvious reasons, want to return to a Socialist state.
  • Fackler Scale of FPS Realism - Somewhere between Call of Duty and ARMA. Bullet drop is present, movement is realistic, and heavier weapons slow down the player's movement, but it keeps regeneration and insta-healing in.
  • Heal Thyself/Walk It Off - Combination of the two, much in the vein of FEAR and Pariah - You'll regenerate health only up to a certain point. After that, break out the medkits.
  • Husky Russkie - Averted with Yuri, who's pretty scrawny for a soldier (and gets a lot of ribbing from his squaddies for it). Played straight with several of his squadmembers, and parodied with the Russian sailors.
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  • Snow Means Death - The conflict rages on to winter. Doesn't mean death for you, but for the rebels.
  • Take That! - One of the achievements/trophies: "Unfunny Cake Jokes", and during the process, the squad spouts the same old tired memes regarding portal.
    • Dover, Yuri's British-born squad mate, is a mockery of Soap and the typical Call of Duty player. On the other hand, Gary, Yuri's American-born squaddie, mocks Bad Company in general. They fight a lot, mocking both Modern Warfare's and Battlefield's fan dumb in the process.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized - Kinda. The aging Soviet personnel, level-headed Marxists, and mercenaries generally treat the civilians with respect, since they already have a bad public reputation. The screaming Marxist teenagers and anarchists, on the other hand...
  • Vodka Drunkenski - Averted. Yuri hates the stuff.

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