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Nargis (born Fatima Rashid, June 1, 1929 – May 3, 1981) was one of the greatest actresses of the Bollywood film industry, she played numerous roles in films like Awaara, Shree 420 and Mother India. She was known for her on screen roles with Raj Kapoor in various Raj Kapoor films. 'Nargis' is a screen name, based on the Persian name for the Narcissus lily. She was born in Allahabad to Jaddanbai, a singer, actress and tawaif (a type of sophisticated courtesan, with some similarities to the geisha tradition). Her performance in Mother India earned her the Best (Lead) Actress Award from Filmfare Magazine and the Karlovy Vary International Festival. She had a long standing affair with Raj Kapoor which ended when she married actor Sunil Dutt after Mother India. She had one son, Sanjay Dutt who also acts in films. She died in 1981 due to pancreatic cancer.


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