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What nearly everyone knows him for.

"Many of Yamato Damashi's characters are loud, it seems. Well, the ones who speak at all."
A commenter on a comic archive

Yamato Damashinote is a Japanese artist and Flash animator. He mostly creates Touhou Project fan comics that contain portrayals of the characters that are a lot more silly than their official personalities, making for very silly stories from start to finish. His humor mostly relies on having characters beat the crap out of each other, some very ridiculous events, and a multitude of refrences to other Touhou fan artists. Yamato is mostly known for having one of the cutest portrayals of Flandre ever, who also happens to be one of the most mischievous portrayals ever, with a very, very short fuse. His Flash animations have probably spawned one of the wierdest memes on the internet.

Yamato has worked on:

  • The SDM! - A Flash animation where Sakuya goes on a rampage after everyone pushes her Berserk Buttons.
  • Flan's Big Rampage - The second Touhou Flash animation done by him. Flandre pisses off everyone, then begins to fool them some more as they hunt for her.
  • Seventh Warehouse - A collection of interactive Touhou Flash scenes, with a new one every time.
  • It Might Be The Scarlet Mist Incident - A hilarious take on the events of Touhou 6, introducing his portrayals of Reimu and Marisa, who he portrays as crazy nutcases that are Too Dumb to Live with a love for bombs.

His works contain examples of: