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Creative Assembly is a British video game developer established in 1987 in the West Sussex town of Horsham. The company worked on porting games to DOS from Amiga and ZX Spectrum platforms, later working with Electronic Arts to produce a variety of games under the EA Sports brand. In 1999, the company had sufficient resources to attempt a new and original project, proceeding to develop the strategy computer game Shogun: Total War which was highly successful for the Creative Assembly and is regarded as a benchmark strategy game. Subsequent titles in the Total War series built on the triumph, increasing the company's critical and commercial success.

In March 2005, the Creative Assembly was acquired by Sega as a European subsidiary. Under Sega, further Total War titles were developed, and the company entered the console market with action-adventure games such as Spartan: Total Warrior, Viking: Battle for Asgard. They also had a Playing Against Type with Alien: Isolation.

Games developed by Creative Assembly