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Characters / The Big Knights

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    The Big Knights 

Sir Boris

One of the two main protagonists of the series and, "the finest swordsman in the world" if the opening credits are to be believed.

  • The Ace: Is this for King Otto; he can defeat any foe that antagonizes Borovia. More intellectual tasks, however...
  • Big Fun: Not as much as his brother, but still likely to get caught up in heroic antics
  • Blood Knight: Played for Laughs. He and his brother will fight ANYTHING for ANY excuse, even up to the point of duelling each other to the death in the very first episode.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Also see NO INDOOR VOICE below.
  • Depending on the Writer: In episodes centered around just the Big Knights, he is presented as far more intelligent and reasonable, possibly to show him as more of a Foil to his brother.
  • Honor Before Reason: As long as it's in the name of Borovia or King Otto,he'll fight anything.
  • Idiot Hero: Normally plays the Straight Man to Sir Morris, but can still be an idiot in some episodes. See also Depending on the Writer.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Silver armor to distinguish himself from Sir Morris when his visor is down.
  • Large Ham: "For Borodzo and Borovia!"
  • Lawful Stupid: Insists that his brother honor a contract with an imp to devote his life to evil (which the imp seems to have no way to enforce) simply because "it is a legal document." Even when it turns out the document was never properly signed and is therefore invalid, Boris tries to insist that his brother sign it properly.
  • Manchild: Not by quite as much as his brother, since he sometimes plays the Straight Man to his brother, but he's still a reckless, adventure-seeking slob who depends on his servants for all the necessities of daily life.
  • The Strength of Ten Men: "The height of two men, the weight of four, the strength of sixteen!"

Sir Morris

Sir Boris' brother. "Not the finest swordsman in the world, but the most enthusiastic!"

  • Big Fun: Fights merely for the fun of it.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Believes fairy tales are real among other things.
  • Idiot Hero: Can't even sign an 'X' on a contract (he wrote 'A'.)
  • Knight in Shining Armour: Wears bronze armor.
  • Large Ham: Comes with being voiced by BRIANBLESSED.
  • Manchild: He thinks that food just magically prepares itself, apparently completely unaware that they have servants doing all the work.
  • Too Dumb to Fool: At one point an imp gets him to sign a contract to devote his life to evil in exchange for breakfast; but, as the narrator explains, Morris is only bound to do the evilest stuff he can imagine, and unfortunately for the imp Morris is fairly deficient in that regard. Worse, in the end the contract is invalidated because Morris can't read and wasn't even able to successfully sign the contract with an X.

Sir Horace

Sir Boris' pet dog, also in a full suit of armor.

Sir Doris

Sir Morris' pet hamster, also wearing armor. Appears to have no emotions or love whatsoever, and exists only to eat.

    Court of King Otto 

King Otto

The pompous, ignorant and money-obsessed king of Borovia.

Princesses Lucy and Loretta

Wizard Zabobon

King Otto's court wizard, an old man constantly followed by flies.

  • Ignored Expert: He usually advises Otto to be cautious about making magical requests; unfortunately, Otto doesn't listen.
  • Only Sane Man: Despite his ragged appearance, he's usually the voice of reason at King Otto's court.
  • The Pig-Pen: His cloak is visibly filthy and he's constantly surrounded by flies and stink lines.

Sir Kiftsgate