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Characters / The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan

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Tropes pertaining to characters from Rytex's Fan Fic The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan. If characters exist in canon, only differences between this story and the source material or tropes exhibited in the story will be documented.

This page is still a work in progress, and help is greatly appreciated.

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Major Characters

    Nova Shine 
Voiced by: Speedy Tempo

The protagonist, "The Apprentice," a unicorn from Canterlot, who has unnatural skill in magic that he appears unable to harness until Princess Luna shows up on his doorstep and offers him a position as her apprentice.

    Twilight Sparkle 
Voiced by: PrincessRil

"The Student," Princess Celestia's Faithful Student and Nova's partner as they seek out the source of nightmares plaguing the both of them.

    Princess Celestia 
Voiced by: Truesailorcomet

  • The Gadfly: She enjoys riling ponies up. It's a lot more subtle in the present versus the past.
    • In the present, she irritates Nova by implying Nova's entire reasoning for not wanting to stay at Canterlot Castle when there are ponies trying to stalk potentially two of them are out of a selfless intention.
    • In the past, she often makes suggestive implications around the easily-flustered. Nova is the only one who never bites.

    Princess Luna 
Luna Voiced by: Otiscat123

  • Cool Teacher: To Nova, to the point where, in light of his family issues, he acts as though she's his mother.
  • Shout-Out: Has an abacus that she wants to use in place of modern machinery.

    Beatrix "Trixie" Lulamoon 
Voiced by: ShootingStar Pony

"The Charlatan," Nova's old rival from their younger days. A thorn in Twilight's side, and trying to atone for what her father caused at Nova's expense.

  • The Not-Love Interest: Childhood friends with Nova, they tease each other on first meeting, and after they make their amends, they seem to hit it off. However, they hold no romantic feelings for each other. Trixie even tries to push Nova and Twilight together, in her own antagonistic way.
  • Odd Friendship: With Aegis.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: The first clue that Trixie is dealing with someone taking over is when she drops the third-person to antagonize Twilight.
  • Shipper on Deck: Very supportive of Twilight and Nova getting together, though it usually manifests itself by her relentlessly teasing them.
  • Third-Pony Pony: She claims it's a stage act, but Nova and Twilight are rather skeptical of that fact. Indeed,

Voiced by: Performance Major (Episodes 2-3), Nevel Yashgi (Episode 4 on)

Nova's best friend from Canterlot, a corporal in the Royal Guard, who spends his on-screen time exchanging snark with Nova.

    Sharp Eye 
Voiced by: Midnite's Realm

A bounty hunter contracted by Nova's father to find his son, and then to keep an eye on him and make sure nothing bad happens to him.

  • Awesome Aussie: Neigh Zealander, more specifically, but treated the same way, even to the accent in the audio drama.
  • Badass Baritone: No slouch when fighting, and voiced in a glorious deep voice by MR.
  • Mysterious Mercenary Pursuer: Hired by Ray Novus to keep an eye on Nova and make sure he stays alright.

    Clover the Clever 
The first Faithful Student, who falls in love with Nova during his foray into the past.

Princess Platinum's Captain of the Guard, who has very definite feelings for Clover, and sees Nova as his main rival for her affections.


Novus Clan

A powerful family of mainly unicorns that have been prominent in Equestria over the generations.

    In General 

    Ray Novus 
Voiced by: Xan

Nova's father, Lord of the present-day clan.

    Shimmer Novus 
Voiced by: Skypaw 122

Nova's mother.

    Comet Novus 
Night Apprentice from the time of Nightmare Moon.

    Nova Shine I 
Mythical figure from olden times, and considered on par with Star Swirl the Bearded as far as influence on modern day magic is concerned. Patriarch of the Novus clan.


Voiced by: Truesailorcomet (Episode 1), Jennabun (Episode 4 on)

    Night Light Sparkle 
Voiced by: Performance Major (Episode 3)

    Twilight Velvet Sparkle 
Voiced by: Skypaw 122

  • Hypocritical Humor: Tells Nova to watch his mouth, then immediately lets out a (comparatively minor) swear.

    Shining Armor 
Voiced by: Xan

    Princess Cadance 
Voiced by: Velvet Sugar

    Thomas Hoofman 
Headmaster of Celestia's School, and formerly Nova's mentor.

    Tantalus Lulamoon 
Lord of the Lulamoon Clan, directly responsible for Nova being cheated out of a place in Celestia's School.

    Princess Chrysalis 
The future queen of the Changeling Hive, only seen as a nymph captured by Lord Silverblood to create gems.

    The Grey Monarch 
King of the Changelings, whose name is only known to those who have been designated friend of the Changelings.

  • Red Baron: His real name is King Metamorphosis, but he only reveals that to those he deems worthy.

    Lord Star Swirl 
Clover's, Celestia's, and Luna's former master, patriarch of the Lulamoon clan.


Voiced by: Truesailorcomet

The primary antagonist, a mysterious shadow being that wants Nova and Twilight dead, and who always seems a step ahead of them.

    Abacus Cinch 
A former professor at Celestia's School, who is responsible for kicking Nova out of the school to get Trixie Lulamoon in at Tantalus Lulamoon's request.

  • Offscreen Villainy: We never see her in person; her actions are relayed ten years after the fact.

    Shimmer Silvermane 
Silverblood's daughter, who directly antagonizes Nova over the course of the past.

    Lord Silverblood 
A unicorn adviser to Princess Platinum, who goes rogue in service to Sombra.

  • Affably Evil: Very polite to Nova during their one conversation. Until they have to fight.


Other Characters

The Bearers of Harmony

Voiced by: ShootingStar Pony


    Rainbow Dash 


    Pinkie Pie 


    Lightning Lance 
Voiced by: Turning Bronyese (Episode 1)

    Homen Hearth 
Voiced by: ShootingStar Pony

    Mayor Balanced Budget 
Voiced by: Performance Major (Episode 1)

    Quantum Bit 


    Honeyed Words 


    Derpy Hooves 
Voiced by: Katie Patterson

  • The Ditz: Just like in normal fanon (and the show), she's portrayed as extremely well-meaning, but klutzy.
    Derpy: We'll always make sure your package is moving in the general direction of its destination... most of the time.

    Lyra Heartstrings 
Voiced by: Cora Zone

    Big Macintosh 


    Pokey Pierce 

    Time Turner 

    Cloud Kicker 


The Past

    Princess Platinum 

    Commander Hurricane 

    Chancellor Puddinghead 

    Summer Blossom 

    Smart Cookie 

    Private Pansy 

    General Fury 

    Faithful Student Sunbeam 

    Night Master Sanguine 

    Prime Magus Star Dancer 

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