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Little Dragons Cafe Staff

The Main Characters / Ren & Rin
From left to Right: young Draco, Ren, and Rin
A pair of opposite-gender twins. When their mother falls ill, it is up to them to run the family business, as well as find a way to save her.


Draco, all grown up
A pet dragon that the twins are entrusted to raise from infancy to adulthood.

The Mother
A human woman with dragon ancestry, and the sole worker at the LDC before an illness sends her into a coma.

A peculiar wizard that gives the twins Draco's egg. He's able to transform collected recipe fragments into usable recipes, as well as upgrade the Cafe when their pet dragon grows too large to fit inside.

Luccola's casual outfit
A fabulous orc chef.

A slacker that's forced into working at the LDC when he can't pay for his meals.

  • Lazy Bum: Out of all your employees, Billy is the least dedicated to his job.

A hard-working foreigner.

  • Berserk Button: Billy's laziness. When Ipanema first sees him goofing off, she flies into a plate-tossing rage that nearly wrecks the café.


Important Guests

A small adventurer that wields a spoon instead of a sword.

A witch that lost most of her magic after being hit by lightning during a storm. Originally looks down on non-magical humans, until the LDC staff help her see them in a new light.

A girl that ran away from home after her mother passed away.

A punk spirit that enjoys causing chaos, that very few people can actually see. In life, he was often abrasive to his deaf girlfriend, but the LDC staff help him realize how much she really meant to him.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: As Rosetta ran from home, she saw a man push a hard-of-hearing girl out of the way of a car; it turns out Maurice was that man.

A traveler with a beastly side he has trouble controlling.

Chou Chou
A formerly-stray cat that has worked her way up to being an idol singer.

A master thief. Usually only steals from the bad, with his greatest regret being his theft of a brooch that was a memento from his target's mother.

A fortuneteller that can only see bad things in the future.

A small girl that's actually a centuries-old vampire.

Dr. Zeff & Chitta
An acclaimed pharmacologist, and his assistant.

  • Brain Uploading: The focus of Zeff's story line is trying to get away from Chitta so he can do this. However, by its end, he's realized that replacing the last parts of his humanity in exchange for cold, calculated efficiency might not be the best course of action after all.
  • Cyborg: Dr. Zeff has replaced the majority of his body with robot appendages to be more efficient and develop medicines more quickly.
  • Robot Buddy: Chitta.

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