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A|J|, born into the house of Aurelius, was expected to display the impressive aura his house was known for. |T|He|y| exceeded all expectations; |t|hi|/ei|s|/r| aura not only overlapped reality, but warped t|hi|/ei|s|/r| body and surroundings in a grotesque manner. In response to the disgust |t|he|y| received, A|J| left the custody out of fear for |t|hi|/ei|s|/r| safety and the sanity of their kin when |t|he|y| began to "mature." The process, along with normal maturation humans undergo, began converting pieces of A|J|'s very flesh into mechanical segments that wove like patchwork with skin and flesh alike. Despite this self imposed exile |t|he|y| was proactively altruistic, taking every lead towards trouble, be it ghouls or worse, and did what |t|he|y| could to save the lives and health of others - despite being as feared as the threats |t|he|y| would end for the "Wrongness" intrinsic to |t|hi|/ei|s|/r| presence. On a fateful day, a member of the Silver Circle ran into A|J| on a mission - and saw the heroic individual|s| inside the downright monstrous shell. In record time A|J| had been initiated, and to this day remains a dutiful member of the Circle.
  • Blue Blood: Technically, as a member of House Auralius.

Atwiless Habagabar

Mr. Habagabar used to be a respected Augmenter until he got an idea. A brilliant idea, and yet a patently obvious one. The idea to turn a human brain into a magic focus. Unfortunately, everyone would rather call him mad than accept that they were too blind to see what was right in front of them. But Mr. Habagabar bravely persisted, and after years of research performed his first experiment on himself.

It didn't go too well.

These days, Mr. Habagabar isn't necessarily the sanest person around. He has what could charitably called a tenuous hold on reality. Problem is that thanks to his tinkering, the world around him changes to reflect this. More accurately, the laws of physics tend to just flat-out give up whenever he's around. Which is why an elderly man wearing full plate armor and carrying a colossal steam-powered wrench can fly in out of nowhere on a magic carpet equipped with gatling guns and beat you senseless.


fFearΘ t’Ey·o’Ma

A rogue Augmentor, Victor Deimos, flees civilization, winds up thrown in a selkie prison after committing various atrocities on sea life, selkies included, near the island that he took shelter on. In this prison he is thrown in a cell with a creature of the depths, which he abuses with augmentation and the mental magic of demonic heritage. He then attempts to move his mind into the creature's body, taking it instead of his own so he could fight out of the prison and swim to freedom. Unfortunately, he severely underestimated the creature's mind, not to mention sheer madness, and became caught in the creature's mind, his knowledge and secrets at its disposal rather than the creature's physical prowess at his. The creature then broke free of the prison and went to land in an attempt to "trick" Victor into believing he had control of it. It now roams the land taking jobs that involve violence, but it knows all too well that there are many many creatures that are off-limits and it has even demonstrated remarkable restraint in following the law on such matters.
  • Anti-Hero: Acts heroic and good purely in an attempt to trick people in an attempt to believing that it is those things, but shows no signs of ever stopping the deception.

Vivian Liv

Conversations about Vivian Liv tend to include the word "prodigy". "Questionable", "worrying", and "utterly bugfuck" are usually not far behind. Though she once languished as a humble thaumaturge's apprentice in Banuth, she was deported after blowing up the local Transmuters' Gate during an entrance exam. With infamy came opportunity and, swearing revenge on those who disdained her "alternate solution", she joined the Colligium.
  • Mad Bomber: Has a healthy respect and an unhealthy fondness for explosives.

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