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Enjuhneer has a diverse cast of nerds attending its school, so here's the list.

Penny West

Starting out the series as a freshman, Penny is attending Enjuhneer Institute of Technology in order to get and art degree.A nerd/geek in her own right, she dicovers that everyone else at EIT is just as nerdy as she, if not moreso. Shares a room with Lyta.

Lyta Gerard

Penny's roommate, as well as the resident (supposedly non-militant) feminist. Somewhat apprehensive about the fact she is a geek, and wants to maintain her feminine presence in a mostly-male engineering school. Full name: Hippolyta

  • Hyperspace Mallet: Prefers to use a frying pan. Mostly against Meme-spammers.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Her computer appears to have been demonically possesed since early on, so this might be possible.
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  • Mama Bear


A girl who lives down the hall from Penny and Lyta, she long ago left the realm of all things girly and proceeded to master the ways of the internet. This included her immersing herself so completly into cyberspace that she prefers IM-ing to talking face to face, does not like human contact and has forgotten her own name, using her forum name in it's place.

Eirian Merledoux

Taller than the other cast members, beautiful enough to have every boy on campus crazy for her, and naive enough not to notice, Eirian is the resident Environmental Engineer.

  • Oblivious to Love: Despite the fact that every boy on campus (minus Julian and Renold) is practically (and sometimes literally) throwing themselves at her, she does not take notice of this.


Myra Madison

Booksmart and slow to get a joke, Myra is also known for stressing about almost everything, as well as being more emotionally expressive than the rest of the cast.

Kali Allaway

An invisible girl in many ways, Kali is introduced as an un-seeable roommate, who quickly gains a santa hat from Penny so that everyone can tell where she is. Despite her normal bouncy and cocky attitude, she also wants more than anything for people to notice her for who she really is, and not just the fact she is invisible.

  • Crazy Awesome: Current owner of a Uranium-238 toaster, a Microwave gun, and an Orbital Cannon that she made for a mashmallow launching contest.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Wants to be seen for the person she is, not the fact that she is invisible
  • Nice Hat: Her trademark santa hat, the only thing that is visible about her.
    • Post "age-up" she gains a pair of gloves.
  • Word of God: At one convention panel, the creator of the comic said that there is one drawing in existence of Kali fully visible. The chance we will see it is unlikely.


Renold Sharma

Resident snarker, n00b-pwner, and forum lurker, Renold also is an anime fan, an Aero/Space engineer, and notices a lot more about what is going on around him than you would expect from someone who always is staring at his computer. Or, for another way of describing him: pretty much a jerk.

  • Hidden Depths: Sure he's a jerk, but there is some evidence to suggest that he does feel sorry for some of his actions.
  • Jerkass: Him in a nutshell.
  • Smarter Than You Look: For being such a jerk, he is remarkably perceptive of other's personalities.

Julian Drake

A Computer major who want to eventually learn how to fix anything computer related, Julian is also a LARP fan, white-hat hacker, and fan of German boardgames. Early in the comic he becomes Penny's boyfriend. Note that the rabbit on his shirt is a callback to his LARP costume.

Nash Pascal-Paul

The resident Math major and hopeless romantic, Nash is also a fan or miniatures games, code-breaking, and problem solving. Also one of Eirian's many admirers.


The comic's (and campus's) iconic squirrel, Tails has black fur, green eyes, an understanding of higher math and science, and his own backstory.


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