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Characters / Awful Hospital The Morgue

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A lively place, despite all the cadavers.

Covers beings to whom the Morgue is home.

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     Dr. Everton Morteus Balmer 

Even though Dr. Balmer is the one in charge of the Morgue, most information pertaining to him has been moved to Inert Sub-Concept Vessel MG-0908-BN/SK/HL-3900438093990, because that's where he was first and most frequently encountered, in-story.

     Stone Slab
Checking in?

Stone Slab: I dunno, the stiffs all look alike to us anyway. ...Like a paycheck! Haha!!

A cracked tombstone who looks after The Morgue. He’s one of the friendlier and more forthcoming individuals Fern meets, and is happy to put on some music and have a chat.


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