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Video Game / Depths of Fear: Knossos

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Depths of Fear: Knossos is a first-person Roguelike Survival Horror hybrid, created by Dirigo Games and released in 2014.

The player assumes the role of Theseus as he is dropped into the infamous labyrinth at Crete, to serve as a sacrifice for the Minatour that resides there. The only way to kill it is with a sword stuck in a stone, and secured with eight seals. The seals can only be removed by finding keys to them, which are guarded by powerful mythical creatures like centaurs or gorgons. Each of them in turn resides in their own secondary labyrinths, which are all randomly generated and are also full of weaker monsters to fight your way through. Have fun!

The game provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Artificial Stupidity: All that non-boss enemies can do is swarm Theseus and claw at him repeatedly with their one attack. Bosses aren't much better: they only have several attack patterns that will frequently repeat. And that isn't even getting into the bugs...
  • Dungeon Shop: For some reason Daedalus, the Labyrinth's creator who's been imprisoned inside, wants gold to sell you items. The basic items aren't much help, so collecting enough gold to invest in high-end weaponry is crucial.
  • Emergency Weapon: Theseus' torch, which is the only thing you have at the start. Weirdly, swinging it still does more damage than that of some starting weapons.
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies: Some generic zombies will appear in dungeons.
  • First-Person Ghost: Averted. You can see Theseus' whole body when you glance down or look in the reflective surfaces.
  • Giant Spider: One of the basic enemy types.
  • Implacable Man: Each of the boss monsters is this in their dungeons, able to kill you almost instantly at first. They need to be avoided in total darkness, your torch dimmed, until you finally level up enough to defeat them in fair combat.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Finishing the first dungeon depends more on whether you managed to find a weapon early on than on anything else.
  • RPG Elements: Theseus gains experience for killing minor creatures, and becomes stronger as he levels up. In fact, the only way to kill each dungeon's boss is to Level Grind enough to be able to defeat it.
    • Not necessarily: when you collect a medallion, lava starts flowing in the boss chamber. The boss may be killed by it before you do.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: You're in an ancient Greek dungeon, so you would expect the music to feel the part, right? Instead, you have electronic synth soundtrack that is generated on the fly.