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"Thanks to my snarky yet reverent approach, and unique, professional graphics, there is no other blog like DIAL B for BLOG! Not exactly a blog, not really a magazine, it's the future of the internet — the first of a NEW form of media — a BLOGAZINE!"

Meet Robby Reed, a boy genius who discovered a mysterious dial. Upon dialing the word "BLOG" into it, Robby found himself transformed into a blog. From then on, whenever he redials, a new post appears on the blog. Thus began the saga of Dial B For Blog!


In reality, the blog was created by Kirk Kimball, a graphic artist who grew up a comic book fan ever since reading the Action Comics story, Luthor's First Victory Over Superman! He was especially captivated by the in-house advertisement for The Strange Death of Batman! from Detective Comics. He has since been impressed by Spider-Man saving himself with no one and nothing to help him, and personally witnessed Neal Adams doing sketches with nothing but raw talent the first time he attended a comics convention. It wasn't until 2005 when Kirk visited a blog called The Absorbascon, which was supporting Thanagar during the Infinite Crisis miniseries The Rann/Thanager War. Inspired, Kirk created his own blog using the comic book Dial H for Hero as a basis, and did his own support for Rann.

The "blogazine", as the blog calls itself, mainly focuses on Silver Age DC Comics, though occasionally looks at other subjects, from Marvel Comics, to Archie Comics, to even Frankenstein. Dial B for Blog has an upcoming "volume" that will be launched on March 14, 2016, to coincide with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


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