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Base Breaking Character / Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

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  • Kudelia. Some fans hate her for her naivety, constant self-pity, and angst while others find that her being naive is realistic and part of her Character Development. She has proven herself useful in the Isaribi by helping Atra with the food and teaching Mikazuki and the younger kids to read and write among other things. But there's still third camp that doubts her role as a diplomat since we still haven't seen her engage in politics aside from giving speeches. It doesn't help that in Season 2, most of her scenes are her being coddled with Atra's harem and baby shenanigans.
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  • Ein Dalton has shaped up to be this with many people disliking his quest for revenge against the main cast. Others find him to be genuinely interesting and completely justified in his hatred of Tekkadan, as well as his caring personality towards people who respect him, especially now that he's turned into some version of a Cyber-Newtype and poses a serious threat towards Tekkadan in Episode 24, performing his duty even if it means sacrificing his humanity for life. This is less of a thing in Japan where he is generally well liked and has a lot of sympathy going towards him.
  • Mikazuki. He's considered by several viewers as a sociopathic and merciless kid who has little regard for the lives that he's taken, especially after he brutally kills Carta during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, reducing the latter to a pitiful state before being stopped from delivering the finishing blow. Others find that he has Hidden Depths in caring for his friends, especially Atra, Orga, and Kudelia. Whether he's a sociopath, a hero, or a pitiable figure are all questions left up to the viewer. Is Mikazuki an actual character or just a talking plot device? For most of the series, he has been defined by his interactions with others and his only major contributions to the plot is to fight Tekkadan’s enemies; while characters like Orga, Kudelia and McGillis carry most of the show’s emotional weight. While he has expressed desire to leave the soldier life behind and become a farmer, the show hasn’t put too much attention to that and only focuses on his military exploits.
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  • Carta is subjected to this as well. Some fans hate her for being a Blue Blood officer who can break neutrality treaties because of her family name, killing Biscuit and will say she deserves a brutal death as delivered in Episode 23, others find her funny because of how hammy and overly talkative she is and find her fate pitiful. They will say she's just a valorous officer who believes in codes of honor, and wishes to honor her family in battle, not that she gets any respect for that.
  • Iok gets this treatment as well - some fans like him because of how similar he is to Carta, and find his screw-ups funny. Other fans, however, dislike how he messes up every attempt to stop the awakened Hashmal armor, and how Lethally Stupid he is. Regardless how majority of viewers want this idiot dead, he still ends up alive up until the final episode.
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  • Vidar/Gaelio in Season 2. It was established in Season 1 that he's aware of the corruption within Gjallarhorn and wants to reform it. However in Season 2, he willingly sides with Rustal who is against any reform and wants to keep the status quo. Detractors considered him as a hypocritical naive brat who did nothing to reform Gjallarhorn in contrast to McGillis who actually did something to change the status quo while supporters defended him, pointing out his flaws (such as his loyalty to his family) that hinder his plans to change the system and that the events in the Season 1 finale were a Cynicism Catalyst which led him into focusing on his revenge on McGillis instead.
  • Julieta is getting a lot of flak since episode 45, particularly for ruining Shino's shot which led him to his death. Since then, comparisons between her and Ein have surfaced since they were in some way very devoted to their respective superior officers. Still, there are those who defended her, explaining that she's just doing her job as a Gjallarhorn pilot, and unlike Ein, she's not as obsessed with revenge and is very devout in protecting her commanding officer. Another point of contention is that she did nothing to earn her victory over Mikazuki. Not only was Mikazuki already mortally wounded and Barbatos damaged beyond repair from having to fight endless Mooks as well as get hit by an orbital bombardment, but Julieta was never shown to be a particularly good pilot in the series as she was always constantly defeated or overshadowed. Some viewers see this as an ultimate anti-climax, while others claim that it's part of the theme of the series, especially since even Julieta herself feels conflicted about it. It doesn't help that she's one of the few characters who got a happy ending.
  • Rustal Elion is indeed a very controversial character throughout the show. Considering his fate and actions in the end, it's difficult to gauge him as A Lighter Shade of Grey, A Lighter Shade of Black or Lesser of Two Evils. Just walk into any anime forum and you would see many people debating everything about him. Considering that people compared his actions to what a Real Life politician would do, it is a considerably hot topic. There were also others who thought that while what he did in the finale made sense, his characterization as a whole is flat and some believed that had the writer added more depth to his character beyond being a ruthless tactician, then it would be easier to empathize with his actions. It doesn't help that he's an Invincible Villain who outright WINS in the end.
  • Heck, even Orga's' not immune to this, especially in the last third of the second season. Are the writers doing him a disservice by downplaying his intelligence and cunning for the story's sake or presenting the logical consequences of his decisions- which have been incredibly risky from the very beginning, at best- by having him finally crack under pressure and break down as the stakes get higher and higher?

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